RIMERSBURG – On the heels of last month’s boil water emergency in Rimersburg, borough officials are now looking at implementing an automated call system to alert residents of emergencies.

Council president Roger Crick said he felt the borough’s efforts last month went well, but said an automated service would have been much easier. Instead, council members and borough employees spent a Saturday individually calling water customers to alert them of the boil water advisory that had been placed on the system.

Crick explained that while later testing showed there was no contamination in Rimersburg’s water, the boil water advisory was implemented by the state after flooding occurred at the water well sites in East Brady.

In addition to pricing two emergency call systems — one currently used by East Brady Borough, and one used by the Union School District — Rimersburg leaders stressed the need to first gather current contact numbers and email addresses for those living in the borough and the Rimersburg Municipal Authority’s service area.

“We’re going to make an effort to get good contact information for each account,” Crick said.

Although no action was taken on which company to use, council members seemed to favor Public Alert, the company currently used by East Brady. The proposal from the company included 4,000 calls per year for $325.

Borough officials said they hoped to collect the contact information from residents first, and would work on developing a form that could be placed on the borough website or mailed to customers.

Officials said that in the case of rental properties, they would also need to determine if the calls would be made only to the landlord or to the tenants as well. Crick said that the borough does not have the names or contact information for some tenants, despite a requirement that landlords provide that information each year.

In addition to emergencies, officials said the call system could also be used to alert residents about water line flushing or other notices that could be targeted to certain streets or neighborhoods, rather than calls to everyone.

In other business at Monday night’s meeting, the council talked briefly about possible changes to the borough’s rental inspection procedures.

Councilman Scott Myers, chairman of the Public Safety and Police Committee, said that he plans to meet soon with new rental inspector Rick Renwick to hear Renwick’s ideas for improving the inspection procedure.

Myers said the council may also need to decide how far it wants the inspector to go into enforcing the International Property Maintenance Code.

Other Business

• Southern Clarion County Regional Police Sgt. Nicole Peck told the council that police have been sending out letters to property owners who have not cleared snow and ice from their sidewalks. Council members also asked Peck to enforce a borough ordinance related to barking dogs.

• Borough maintenance supervisor Frank McNaughton said that his crew repaired two water line leaks in recent weeks, one on School Street and one on Monterey Road. The repairs brought the borough’s water losses “under control” again, he said.

• The council approved seeking bids for this summer’s paving work along Baker Street and Blue Row, as well as seal-coating along School Street.

• Approval was given to donate $2,500 to the Union Council of Governments for the Union Pool Park in Sligo, with the other half of the money Rimersburg budgeted to be released later in the year.

• The council gave permission for Hope For Your Future to hold a 5K race on June 22, and for the Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library to hold a 5K race on May 19. Approval was also given for a “mom-to-mom” sale to be held in the Rimersburg Community Building on Feb. 24 to benefit Hope For Your Future.

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