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AS THE IRISH-THEMED welcome signs for Sligo Borough have aged, officials are looking into new signs that could keep the “Touch ‘O Ireland” motto but abandon the leprechaun mascot.

SLIGO – Should Sligo continue the tag line of “Touch o’ Ireland” and a leprechaun to welcome people to the town?

Sligo Borough Council did not have a quorum for its regular monthly meeting in June, but it did hear a presentation about community signs by Rick Smerkar, a civil engineer from Licking Township.

Smerkar said communities have different types of signs that often project a community identity. Many are professionally produced on different material all of the way from the original Sligo wooden painted sign to colorful molded plastic. Costs could range from $500 to $5,000 and beyond.

“I wanted to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity and I also wanted to thank you for past efforts because I know there has been work on signs in the past,” said Smerkar. “For those that can remember, the first sign in Sligo was a bear. I didn’t remember that until [borough secretary Janey Corle] told me there was one down in the basement [of the recreation center].”

Smerkar’s assessment of the aging Sligo signs is that they are on wood, green, non-illuminated, in three locations, crowded with a jumbled message, and tough to maintain. He also presented other community signs and said design consideration would include size, locations, costs, lifespan, materials, installation methods and maintenance.

The local town of Sligo was named after County Sligo in Ireland.

Some on the borough council and the small audience seemed receptive to the idea of some type of new sign while still using the “Touch O’ Ireland” slogan, but were not sold on keeping the leprechaun. The leprechaun on the current sign shares more in common with the mascot of Lucky Charms than with any historical connection to the community.

As far as Sligo’s Irish theme, the borough’s street signs do feature shamrocks and the Sligo fire trucks are green.

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