SLIGO – Sligo Borough Council adopted a tentative 2018 budget at its meeting last week that calls for no new taxes.

The preliminary budget will be advertised and adopted at the December meeting.

Sligo’s property tax rate of 11.75 mills for general purposes and 1 mill for fire purposes is expected to generate $119,608. The budget is also expected to include an $18,317 carryover from 2017.

Expenses are estimated at $134,875, leaving only $3,050 at the end of next year. There are no wage raises in the preliminary budget.

County assessed taxes include 11.75 mills, occupation 22 mills, and per captia at $5 per person.

Voting for the budget were council president Lyle Foringer, Chuck Marsh, Wayne Meier, George Weaver and Sherry Laughlin.

The Sligo Borough Authority also unanimously passed a proposed budget with no increase in sewerage fees.

The 2018 authority budget of $238,020 includes a projected carryover from 2017 of $21,721. The 2018 budget estimates a year-end balance of $69,546.

Authority members voting for the budget included chairman Chuck Marsh, Lyle Foringer and Tom Switzer.

In other news, authority attorneys at Knox Law have talked with the EADS Group regarding a developer’s agreement with Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation about extending borough sewerage to the Piney Township facility. Marsh said there are still a few questions that need to be answered.

“The reason for this request is a private entity like Clarview cannot put a utility in a PennDOT right-of-way,” explained Kyle Fritz, an EADS engineer employed by Clarview, at an earlier meeting.

“PennDOT requires that it either be PUC or a municipality for their utilities,” Fritz said. “What we would propose and request is for the authority to take ownership of the line and then we will have an agreement in place that states Clarview is responsible for all costs of installation, all costs for future operation and maintenance operation expenses, future replacement expenses. The only thing that the authority would be responsible for is just ownership in the eyes of PennDOT.”

Other Business

• An auction is scheduled for the Sligo Recreation Center on Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 6 p.m. Marsh reported the auctions were doing well but a leak needs to be repaired in the coal boiler at the recreation center.

• Sligo Borough has received no word on a state multimodal grant application for the footbridge to the Sligo Elementary School.

• Council members unanimously approved a $250 contribution to Eccles–Lesher Memorial Library and a $250 donation to the Southern Clarion County Ambulance Service.

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