SLIGO – Sligo Borough Council considered a 50-cent per hour raise for all permanent employees at its January meeting, but decided to wait until absent council members could provide their input.

Attending the meeting were Sherry Laughlin, Chuck Marsh, Wayne Meier and Kerry Graham. Missing were Michele Elder, Andy Wiser and Wesley “Buck” Wyant. (Wyant has not attended a meeting for years.)

“Their dedicated service is my reasoning for motion,” said Marsh. “A newspaper had a story about Rimersburg employees because of their service. Two of our employees have over 30 years of service.”

Council members agreed about the dedication of Sligo employees, but decided to hold off for more input.

“Honestly, my gut feeling is we should all wait until we have more council members to discuss it,” said Meier. “I’m against it.”

Sligo Borough Authority also employs the same people, but was unable to meet again in January because it lacked a quorum.

Many elected terms will end Dec. 31, 2021 in Sligo. Council terms include Chuck Marsh, Sherry Laughlin, Wayne Meier and Wesley Wyant. Other terms ending include Mayor Jeremy Shumaker, Tax Collector Myrna Dunlap, Constable Kyle Klein, and Auditors Colleen Wiser and Diane Conaway.

A verbal notice was received by borough secretary Janey Corle that as of Jan. 1, 2021, Shumaker was no longer interested in serving as code enforcement for Sligo Borough.

“Maybe we should really advertise that we need a code enforcement officer to see what kind of interest is out there,” said Marsh. “I would think that it would be an on-call position. When council has issues, we contact that code enforcement individual and let that individual then take the actions necessary.”

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The council was not able to hold an in-person meeting in December due to a lack of quorum, but did conduct a Dec. 7 phone meeting in which the borough’s 2021 budget was approved that included no tax increases.

Under recreation and recreation center news, Corle reported the COVID-19 limited time mitigation orders expired Jan. 4. Mitigation efforts reverted to the earlier orders released on Nov. 23, 2020. Indoor gatherings are at 10 percent of maximum occupancy. Indoor capacity rates are updated to 50 percent capacity at gyms and entertainment, recreational or social facilities.

“We only ended up having to cancel one party on Christmas Day,” said Marsh.

Other Business

• Knox Law attorneys filed a lien against the HMVP (Family Dollar) property at 1800 Shamrock Drive for borough costs involved with having the property mowed. The owner said he is sending payment to have the lien released. Estimated costs are $330.

• Rimersburg Borough approved donating school zone flashing lights to Sligo Borough following the increase of students for Sligo Elementary.

• Clarion County Commissioners approved $8,450 for Sligo’s drain inspection, cleaning and repair project.

No quotes or bidding is required for projects less than $11,499. Sligo will schedule the project with a contractor for the spring.

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