SLIGO – The Sligo Borough Council and the Sligo Borough Authority moved a little closer to hiring a full-time public works employee with the announcement that two people applied for the position and interviews were scheduled.

The position was re-advertised after part-time employee Tim Switzer resigned to take another position. Switzer was originally hired as a possible replacement for Ron Best who resigned for medical reasons and both boards also hired him full-time, pending the passage of security clearances. A month later, after a police report was returned that raised questions, an additional review similar to school clearances was requested.

Switzer resigned and the position was again advertised after last month’s May meeting.

The salary was set at the same pay and benefits that Best would have received at $10.57 per hour. The position is funded from the borough and authority budgets, requiring separate approvals by both groups.

The plan is for the new person to serve as a backup to Public Works supervisor Ed Myers and possibly take over the position when Myers retires. The new person would also be expected to work for certification as a sewer plan operator.

Authority board chairman Chuck Marsh and members Dave McElravy and Tom Switzer unanimously approved the motion for interviews of the new applicants. Following the authority meeting, council members voting for the motion included President Sherry Laughlin, Dave McElravy, Chuck Marsh, Wayne Meier, George Weaver and Wesley Buck Wyant. Council hopes to approve a new person at its July 3 meeting.

Sligo Mayor Jeremy Shumaker suggested inviting Constable Kyle Kline to a meeting about the possibility of him delivering official notices directly to individuals instead of using certified mail and/or police. Kline offered to provide the service at $13 per delivery.

Certified delivery requires a signature of the recipient, and people sometimes refuse to sign and acknowledge they have received the notice. Police could be used, but Sligo officials said it would be too costly because it would take time away from the 10 hours per week contracted with the Southern Clarion County Regional Police for local police coverage.

Reynolds Logging will complete work on Front Street extension and deliver limestone. Four loads of 3A are also being requested.

Wayne Meyer talked to neighbors about a possible project for the stabilization of stream banks and all the neighbors were in agreement. Meyer will contact Jason Black at the Meadville DEP to discuss the proposed project.

Ed Myers, Chuck Marsh and George Weaver attended a dirt and gravel road meeting. Weaver said Sligo Borough should get certified in order to receive grant funding. Such funding would benefit Sligo’s dirt and gravel roads.

Councilman Buck Wyant reported names to the borough office of some residents mowing grass out onto the street. Secretary Janey Corle contacted residents to advise them that it is a valid violation of the borough ordinance. Dana Logue III was offended that Wyant reported his mowing of the cemetery.

Meyer suggested that some residents who mow grass on the street usually go back and clean off the street or blow it back onto their property after they are done.

Other Business

• The May police call log included a vehicle accident, animal complaint, traffic stop and assisting EMS.

• The Sligo COG pool opened June 2 and Advance Disposal is donating trash collection services.

• Clarion County Engineer Kevin Reichard agreed to inspect the Sligo footbridge

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