SLIGO – It took two executive sessions for Sligo Borough Council and Sligo Borough Authority at their April meetings, but they approved a request from part-time employee Tim Switzer that he be considered for a full-time position and a raise.

Switzer was originally hired to fill in for employee Ron Best who was off work for more than six months and eventually resigned Feb. 14 due to health concerns. The position splits maintenance work between the authority and the borough’s Public Works. The two groups, requiring two separate votes, also fund the position.

Both motions stipulated that Switzer would receive the same pay and benefits that Best would have received, set at $10.57 per hour. The appointment is pending Switzer’s receipt of security clearances.

Sligo Borough does not provide insurance for its employees, but it does provide $450 monthly payments so that employees can purchase insurance if they so choose under a policy approved in December. Those payments will cease 60 days after the employee leaves their position.

Authority members unanimously approved the motion, including chairman Chuck Marsh and members Michele Elder, Jeff Elder, Dave McElravy and Tom Switzer.

Council members approving the motion were president Sherry Laughlin, Michele Elder, Wayne Meier, George Weaver and Wesley Buck Wyant. Marsh abstained because he is a relative of Switzer.

Poll Workers Needed

Speaking of vacancies, Sligo Borough received word from Cindy Callahan, Clarion County director of elections and voter registration that Clarion County is looking to hire poll workers for the elections. Sligo has five poll workers and all five did not run again, retiring together. Two vacancies were filled and the county is looking for three more. Call Callihan at (814) 226-4000 ext. 206 for more information.

Front Street Extension “Is a Mess”

Jay Stewart, a resident of Front Street Extension, questioned when the borough was ever going to repair the dirt street he uses to access his home. With heavy rains comes mud and storm water, making it almost impassable, according to Stewart.

Gibson-Thomas Engineers inspected Front Street Extension/Shorb Street/Bald Eagle Street that Reynolds Logging bonded and traveled over. Secretary Janey Corle talked to engineer Matt Sprung on March 18, who said he could see Front Street Extension well enough through snow to compare the road condition on March 18 to the condition of the road on the date of pre-inspection. He said there was not much change he could see in the road. Council members doubted that assessment.

However, Jim Schepis of PennDOT Municipal Services looked at the road within the last two weeks and pointed to several problems.

Schepis said the road is a mess and needs to be graded badly. In addition to work on fixing potholes, he also said the road needs parallel ditches on both sides to reestablish the ditches, and the road needs a crown to channel water off the road and into the ditches. He also recommended the borough address drainage problems by installing at least two cross-pipes to throw water into the ravine.

He also said if it is still sloppy, stone may be applied now. Schepis said that Stewart needs to crown his driveway and install proper piping.

Council members said they will talk more with Schepis about such a project and consider withholding the bond from Reynolds Logging. They questioned if the bond would be large enough to cover the costs of the repair. Reynolds also needs to pay for two inspections of the road, at a cost of $508 and $470.

Flooding Relief for

Licking Creek?

Another potential project to alleviate flooding along Licking Creek was also discussed. Previous regulations did not allow equipment in a creek to dredge; however, according to Wayne Meier, the Wolf administration and DEP recently released a booklet, “Guidelines for Maintaining Streams in you Community.”

The booklet explains which actions require DEP notification, pre-approval or permits. It also allows stream stabilization.

Meier said he will contact DEP.

Ed Pago also raised concerns about trees on the side and in the creek that need to be removed below his property.

Other Business

• The PennDOT Multimodal Transportation Fund did not approve funding for the proposed repairs of the Sligo footbridge. However, Sligo Borough recently submitted its second application for the multimodal transportation funding for fiscal year 2018-19. Funding would be available after July 1, 2019.

Council voted to conduct another inspection on the bridge and footbridge with the same firm used for the last inspection.

• In committee reports, Marsh noted that efforts are underway to obtain non-profit status for the Sligo Recreation Center and the Union COG Pool Park.

Rimersburg borough submitted a $2,500 donation for the pool park and will consider sending another $2,500 as budgeted during the second half of the year, pending favorable finances.

The COG has scheduled another dance at the Rec Center on April 21 as a fundraiser.

• Mayor Jeremy Shumaker received approval for the closing of Madison Street from noon to 4 p.m. on June 16 for the fire department’s annual car cruise.

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