SLIGO – Yasir Bhatti, owner of the University Korner gas station and car wash in Sligo, will be invited to the next meeting of the Sligo Borough Authority following his request for one monthly bill.

Authority chairman Chuck Marsh said Bhatti’s request violated a policy for the authority.

Bhatti converted an office beside the car wash into a residential dwelling unit that had one water meter for service to both. The policy states that each unit must have separate meters and shut-offs. Bhatti is willing to pay a monthly sewer fee for the car wash at a commercial rate based on all water used at both locations and also pay a monthly fee for the dwelling unit at residential rate, but is requesting that the authority waive the separate meters and shut-off’s because of the cost.

Apparently the fees now being paid are more than is required if there were two meters.

Marsh enthusiastically expressed his opinion that the current policy be followed and no exceptions made. He said that a number of other people in Sligo Borough were required to add meters when adding rental units to the same building.

“I think we should not deviate from the policy,” he said.

Asking the other three members of the authority, Marsh found everyone did not agree with him.

“I think the policy is just dumb,” said Michele Elder. Jeff Elder agreed and noted that Bhatti is already paying more than he would with the requirement except for the costs of adding the extra meter. Remaining authority member Tom Switzer said he agreed that the policy should be enforced.

“I think we should invite Mr. Bhatti to the next authority meeting to talk about this,” said Marsh.

The authority also received a list of properties that are scheduled for upset tax sale by the tax claim bureau on Sept. 23. The authority will submit a claim before Sept. 11 of sewer liens against these properties.

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Borough Council


• An advertisement for a 10 hour per week janitor for the Sligo Recreation Center has produced no applications.

• The Union COG pool closed for the season on Aug. 23 and the last pavilion rental was held Aug. 29. Possible plans to purchase a new pool sweeper were questioned by Marsh and others who suggested the existing vacuum could still be used.

• The annual Homes for the Holidays craft and gift show remains on the schedule for Nov. 5-7. DCED guidelines currently allow up to 50 percent occupancy for entertainment.

• A DCED grant application for the replacement of the footbridge leading to Sligo Elementary School was submitted, and officials have encouraged state Rep. Donna Oberlander to support the application.

• A Family Dollar supervisor was contacted on Aug. 25 about overgrown grass on the lot of the closed store. The property was mowed on Aug. 27.

• The council unanimously approved a resolution requiring all borough employees to get police clearances since the Pre-K Counts program is renting space in the Sligo Recreation Center.

• Attending the September Borough Council meeting were Mayor Jeremy Shumaker, President Sherry Laughlin and members Michele Elder, Chuck Marsh, Wayne Meier, Kerry Graham and Andy Wiser. Absent was Wesley “Buck” Wyant.

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