SLIGO – Sligo Borough Council voted to not accept a letter of resignation from council member Wayne Meier at its October meeting.

The letter from Meier was dated Sept. 12, and stated that his resignation was effective immediately after he read the article in The Leader-Vindicator on Sept. 11 about the apparent member shortage at monthly meetings.

“I know I am not going to be able to attend meetings on a regular basis in the near future,” wrote Meier. “It’s not fair to the community or the other board members for me to hold the position.”

The Sept. 11 meeting saw the council forced to end a meeting shortly after it started after one member left for an emergency and a discussion continued regarding a need for councilmen to attend meetings.

Four of seven members are required to attend a meeting for quorum.

Attending the October meeting were Sherry Laughlin, Michele Elder, Chuck Marsh, Kerry Graham and Tom Switzer. Absent was Wesley “Buck” Wyant. Wyant has not attended any meetings during 2019.

“I make a motion not to accept it,” Graham said of Meier’s resignation. “If he can make it, he can. If he can’t, he can’t.”

Marsh added, “He has stuff going on with his family. It’s not just like he just doesn’t feel like coming.”

“My name was in [the article] too and I’ve done a heck of a lot of volunteer work in this community,” Elder said. “My commitment to my family and Union School District will always come first. On that particular night, I had a parent meeting and then volunteer work.”

“I don’t think you’re one of the issues,” Marsh told Elder. “I made the suggestion that [writer Ron Wilshire] publicize who is there and who isn’t here because a lot of people don’t even know who is on council.”

“Well, the readers of The Leader -Vindicator don’t know that I’m not the issue and I didn’t know it either until I went to a meeting and someone said I had to be at a meeting, and I said what does that mean?” Elder responded “Then she said you have to read the paper.”

Laughlin stated, “It just said you were absent.”

“It wasn’t a very positive article overall,” Elder said. “We need to get together as a council before we put ourselves out there looking ridiculous.”

“Sometimes we don’t get good press,” Laughlin said. “People read it differently. A few times we’ve been made to look like idiots. We need to tell Wayne that we really don’t want to lose him.”

In other business, Rick Smerkar of the Sligo Improvements Committee reported on the status of developing a new community sign for Sligo.

“We had a fantastic workshop,” said Smerkar.

Preliminary designs were discussed along with possible colors. While the design may take some additional time, the goal is to present three or four preliminary signs to borough council. Council is expected to pick the top three signs and the final vote will be held by the community. Details on how the vote will take place are still being developed. Only Sligo residents will vote on the signs.

“We’re a little bit behind our planned target, but I say take your time to make it better,” said Smerkar. “These signs will probably last for 30 years. We are about four to six months out.”

Smerkar also reported on the following fundraisers:

• A scrap metal drive already collected 4,000 pounds that produced $150.

• An adult Halloween party is scheduled for Oct. 26 at $25 dollars per couple in the Sligo Recreation Center from 8 p.m. to midnight.

• Pie sales will be held Thanksgiving week.

• A tentative Christmas event, with a tentative date of Dec. 7, is being discussed.

• House numbers that may include a shamrock are expected for sale soon.

Local News Coverage

Smerkar thanked everyone and firemen for their support.

Other Business

• With the passing of borough solicitor Ralph L.S. Montana, both Sligo Borough Authority and Sligo Borough Council elected to retain Knox Law from Erie as their official solicitor. Knox Law has been used in the past couple of years as a backup solicitor. The council and the authority are expected to take action on an appointment of a solicitor for 2020.

• The Sligo Hometown Heroes Committee is selling memorial granite bricks to honor individual veterans from Sligo, Piney Township and Curllsville. The cost will be $65 for each engraved granite brick. Logue and Sons will put the name of the veteran on the brick. Each line on the brick can only contain 18 letters and spaces, with a maximum of three lines. The bricks will be placed along the sidewalk leading to the new Sligo Veterans Memorial. Contact Connie Graham or Nancy Shook for more information.

• Beamer Enterprises replaced the surveillance system in the Recreation Center building for $550. Auctions are also scheduled for Nov. 12 and Dec. 6 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• The COG pool closed Sept. 1 and COG received membership fee balances from Sligo and Monroe Townships of $1,250 each, and Sligo contributed $1,000 dollars toward the 2019 season-end debt. Season-end debt will be calculated once all bills are in and golf scramble funds are received.

• The Sligo Homes for the Holidays Craft and Gift show will be held Nov. 7-9 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

• Sligo Borough received no word from the DCED Commonwealth Financing Authority regarding the Multimodal Transportation Fund grant application. Union School District is also submitting a grant application to the Eccles–Lesher Foundation. Marsh also suggested investigating a loan for replacement of the footbridge if grant funding is not received.

• Comcast will not donate Internet service to Sligo Borough even outside of the franchise agreement.

• Bob Best from Beels Insurance reviewed the borough policy and determined that a code enforcement officer is covered under public officials and/or the general liability policy. Council is still considering advertising its intent to adopt quality-of-life ordinance.

• Trick-or-Treat for Halloween in Sligo Borough was set for Thursday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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