SLIGO – At the end of Sligo Borough Council’s September meeting, council members agreed to look at different alternatives to current operations such as a second maintenance/authority employee who might be part-time, contracting out snow removal, and even considering the transfer of operating the sewage treatment plant.

The discussion was prompted by the resignation of new maintenance employee Leon Campbell after two months on the job. Campbell resigned to accept a full-time job with PennDOT because of a higher salary and better benefits. The borough was paying a salary of $10.75 per hour for 40 hours per week. Sligo Borough pays its employees a flat amount so they can buy their own health insurance.

The resignation once again leaves Sligo Borough with Ed Myers as the only maintenance employee. The original intent on hiring Campbell was to have the new employee assist Myers and learn the job, including certification as a sewage treatment plant operator. Sligo Borough and the Sligo Borough Authority share the costs of the employees.

Officials said Myers plans to retire within three years.

The open maintenance employee position prompted much discussion. Willie Roberts of Sligo appeared at the meeting and said he was interested in the position. Roberts offered his experience of working at similar jobs, including lawn maintenance.

Following the appearance by Roberts, council members were not sure of what future direction to take with the position in terms of part-time vs. full-time.

“Rather than having a full-time employee along with Ed, we could contract out snow removal and have a part-time position —- we’re going to save some money at that on our insurance payments which amount to about $5,000 a year and I was thinking we could still supply the antiskid and just take bids on snow removal,” councilman Chuck Marsh said. “If [Myers is] out all night plowing snow, he still has to run the sewer plant. That’s kind of the priority there. It’s not that we have to accept the bids; it’s just something we’re considering. They would use their own truck and we would supply the materials.”

“We’re going to have to have a part-time person right now,” Marsh continued. “I would like to give Ed the authority to recommend somebody and I think he should have some authority as to which we hire, whether it’s training or working with them at least for every-day maintenance. The person would have to be trained at the sewer plant to help remove the sludge or to mow the grass up here and other ordinary maintenance.”

Council member Wayne Meier pointed out that trying to get somebody for the part-time position when you need him or her might be difficult.

“Don’t you think we should put an ad in the newspaper stating we’re looking for a full-time employee?” asked councilman Tom Switzer. “Not too many people know about it.”

Marsh agreed that a lot of people don’t know about the resignation, but thought Sligo Borough didn’t need to advertise in the newspaper.

“It should just be mentioned in the minutes and the coverage of the meeting,” he said.

“Another thing to consider would be unloading the Sewer Authority,” said Meier.

“Exactly,” replied Marsh. “We need to talk about that but we’re still going to need at least another part-time employee. Ed’s license runs for three more years. That’s just another thing for consideration.”

Many area communities have sold their sewer authorities to Pennsylvania American Water, the current supplier of drinking water for Sligo.

Sligo Authority did not meet in August due to lack of a quorum.

Other Business

• An auction at the Sligo Recreation Center is scheduled for Oct. 9 at 6 p.m.

• The Union COG Pool closed Aug. 26, a golf scramble fundraiser is scheduled for Sept. 29, and the Sligo Presbyterian Church will hold a roast beef dinner fundraiser for pool park pavilion electrical upgrades on Oct. 11.

• An invoice was sent to Reynolds Logging requesting the company forward the total amount due of $1,505.16 by Sept. 25 for inspections of roads traveled so that Sligo Borough may release bonds.

• Approval was granted to redo the website through Costs for the three-year contract of $503.05 will be shared among Sligo Borough, Sligo Recreation Center, and Homes for the Holidays. Sligo Borough plans to put additional information on the website, including ordinances. The addition of ordinances on the website would give citizen’s access to the laws of Sligo Borough dealing with subjects ranging from burning days, what can be burned, and the prohibition of mowing grass onto the roads.

• Councilman Wesley “Buck” Wyant regularly reports incidents of people mowing grass onto the road, including four properties along Madison Street in August.

• The council approved a $250 donation for the Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library in Rimersburg.

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