Sligo Borough Council

SHERRY LAUGHLIN (foreground) was elected as the new president of Sligo Borough Council at the group’s initial meeting for the year last Tuesday.

SLIGO – Tyler Murray’s term as mayor of Sligo Borough ended before it even started.

Murray, elected to the post in November, notified borough council that he would be unable to serve in the post because he was moving out of Sligo Borough.

Council accepted his resignation at last Tuesday night’s reorganization meeting and will hold off on an appointment until its February meeting after it hears who is interested.

New members of council include Dave McElravy and Wesley “Buck” Wyant, while Sherry Laughlin and Chuck Marsh were re-elected to council seats.

Vice President Chuck Marsh conducted the meeting in place of a mayor, and the first item of business was to elect a new borough council president. Wayne Meier quickly nominated Laughlin. With no other nominations, the council voted to elect her. Marsh was elected to continue as vice president. McElravy was selected for chairman pro-tem who presides at a meeting if the president and vice president are absent.

Other appointments included: Tom Switzer as chairman of the Vacancy Board; Ralph Montana as solicitor with Knox Law as backup; Chuck Marsh will serve on the Southern Clarion County Comprehensive Planning, Union COG Pool/Park, and Sligo Development Council boards; Michele Elder will serve on the Recreation Board; Rachel Kindel will serve on the Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library Board; Laughlin, Marsh and Miller will serve on the Street Committee; borough secretary Janey Corle was appointed as the Right to Know Officer; and Bureau Veritas was named as Building Code Officials.

Other Business

• Council meetings will continue to be held the first Tuesday of every month, with the authority meeting to be held at 6 p.m. followed by the borough council meeting.

• All three member municipalities paid their share of the 2017 year-end debt for the Union COG Pool Park. Rimersburg Borough has withdrawn as a member of the COG, but has offered to make an annual contribution. Sligo officials said additional talks with Rimersburg will be planned. When the COG was first formed many years ago, it included many municipalities but it now only has Sligo Borough and Monroe Township as members.

• Police call logs included an assist for EMS, traffic stops, hit and run, alarm sounding, and a vehicle accident.

• No word has been heard yet on a grant request to the state for a needed footbridge connecting Sligo Borough with the Sligo Elementary School.

• Gov. Tom Wolfe has appointed Ric Laskey as Sligo’s emergency management coordinator.

• Sligo Borough Authority authorized approval of agreement with the Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in connection with developing a sewer line from Clarview to Sligo Borough. Authority attorneys forwarded revisions and clarifications to the Developers Agreement to the EADS Group for review. According to Marsh, all are in agreement and the pact must be signed by Clarview, Piney Township and the authority.

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