SLIGO– Sligo Borough could become a Trail Town, if one borough councilman gets his wish.

“I think it’s important, but there would be more grants available to us,” said councilman Chuck Marsh at the recent Sligo Borough monthly meeting. “After the growth of Rails to Trails and available grants, we could be part of the Redbank Valley trail system. It would help the Rec Center and the COG pool.”

“I’m checking with PennDOT, and the trail already comes close to Sligo near Baker Street,” Marsh said. “It’s doable and within reach. Once you get into town, it could connect the businesses for some refreshments, the COG Pool, and the elementary school. Who knows? The trail may cough up the money for a sidewalk from the school to the pool. That would be so kids wouldn’t be cutting through the grass, and not going out onto the road.

“These are all multi-modal projects and could be included in a grant.”

Some property owners have indicated they do not want the trail on their property, but Marsh said there are ways to continue on the trail without using their property.

Other Business

• UMWA Local 3123 is moving out of the Sligo Recreation Center’s upstairs room by the end of February. The union paid $75 per month rent. Chairman Chuck Marsh said efforts are continuing to renovate a large room in the center for rental to another group, and efforts will continue to find another renter for the UMWA room. Loss of renters impacts on the center’s budget.

• Marsh also announced a new fundraiser for the COG pool. A daily lottery calendar authorized under Pennsylvania small games of chance will be sold throughout the area.

Local News Coverage

• Sligo continues to look for funding for the footbridge and will pursue the possibility of working with Clarion County and Delta Development for a grant application to the state. Council plans to meet with Clarion County Commissioner Ted Tharan concerning support for seeking the needed funds.

• The Clarion Conservation District Board did not approve either of Sligo’s projects under dirt and gravel road funding. Another funding cycle could include the projects.

• Sligo Mayor and Code Enforcement Officer Jeremy Shumaker will investigate ordinance violations on Lincoln Street and Madison Street. If there are ordinance violations, Shumaker will file complaints at the magistrate’s office.

• Community yard sales are scheduled for June 25-27.

• Attending the meeting were president Sherry Laughlin, vice president Chuck Marsh, Michele Elder, Kerry Graham, Wayne Meier, Tom Switzer, Andy Wiser and Mayor Jeremy Shumaker. Wesley “Buck” Wyant was absent and has not attended a meeting since 2018.

• The Sligo Borough Authority is awaiting a visit from Penn Power Systems to assess a diesel generator conversion to natural gas. The cost of a new generator is estimated at $45,000.

• The authority and council continued their discussion on the purchase of a new truck. Instead of the new pickup truck, both organizations decided to search for a dump truck that would be fitted with a snowplow, allowing more usage for authority and borough activities.

• Authority members attending included chairman Chuck Marsh, Jeff Elder, Michele Elder and Tom Switzer.

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