WORK IS UNDERWAY ON a large new mural in the Union High School gymnasium. On Monday, Heather Rusiski (pictured) and Ted Penovich worked on the “Welcome to the Dungeon” portion of the mural.

RIMERSBURG – The new-look Stemmerich Gymnasium at Union High School will soon have another new feature.

After complete renovations to the gym following flooding a couple of years ago, a large mural is currently being added to one wall of the gymnasium.

The professionally painted mural features the message, “Welcome to the Dungeon,” and once completed, will include a Union Knight on one side, a Damsel on the other, castle stones, a shield, flags and more.

Union athletic director Scott Kindel, who has overseen the project, said the mural is being painted by the same artist who did the new gym floor, Ted Penovich.

Kindel said that when the renovations to the gym were being done, Penovich proposed the mural as well.

“Of course, COVID hit last year and we couldn’t do it,” Kindel said.

This year, students in the school’s Sports Club voted to use their fundraising money to pay for the mural.

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“It will look like a castle when it’s done,” Kindel said. “It goes from one end of the bleachers to the other end.”

Penovich and Heather Rusiski worked over the holiday weekend on the mural, with more work to be done.

“I’m proud of the kids,” Kindel said of the club members. “They raised the money to do a project that will be a school improvement.”

Union’s administration agreed.

“The mural looks amazing,” high school principal Kris Glosser said yesterday (Tuesday). “Mr. Penovich has done a great job. I think the student members of the Sports Club chose a great project to spend their money on, and I love the design that they selected. It really adds to the space, and reflects our school pride.”

Union superintendent John Kimmel said it has been exciting to see the community support for the project.

“With the overall makeover in 2019 due to our flood and the addition of the mural, the gym is essentially a new space in which our students and community can continue to enjoy the programs our school has to offer,” he said, crediting Kindel and assistant athletic director Ange Salvo for their efforts. “Mr. Kindel and Mr. Salvo have done a great job of securing the funding and artist to complete this project, which is a great compliment to all of the prior work put into updating this space.”

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