RIMERSBURG – The following costume winners were announced from the Rimersburg Lions Club’s Halloween parade on Oct. 29:

• Union Band: 1 –I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up (Claire DiGiammarino, Isaac Best and Chloe Wiant); 2 –Mario group (Hannah Buchanan, Holly Murray and Magen Walzak); 3 –The Hummels (Dan Lamielle, Carissa Rodgers, Alayna Ford and Madison Mueller-Howell).

• Floats: 1 –Schwab Family; 2 –Brody and Sierra Shick; 3 –Murphy’s Jurassic Park.

• Groups: 1 –Adrianna Kriebel of Rimersburg; 2 –Finn Earley of Rimersburg; 3 –Grayson Coy and family of Sligo.

• Prettiest: 1 –Shirley Switzer of Rimersburg; 2 –Morgan McElravy of Rimersburg; 3 –Taylor Drake of Rimersburg.

• Ugliest/Scariest: 1 –Emily Fabiszewski of Rimersburg; 2 –Aubrey McConaughy of Rimersburg.

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• Super-Hero: 1 –Jamison Dubrock and Mariah Winchester of Rimersburg; 2 –Finley Fowler of Rimersburg; 3 –Alex Walzak of Sligo.

• Most Creative (Age 6 and Under): 1 –Blair and Mack Corle of Parker; 2 –Harlow Steele of Sligo; 3 –Maycee Callender of Rimersburg.

• Most Creative (Age 7 and Older): 1 –Katie, Jeff and Mason Brenneman, and Becky Deal of Callensburg; 2 –Holden McCauley of Rimersburg; 3 –Colton and Holden Brown, and Alex Stitt of Rimersburg.

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