Sometimes I feel like I’m living in an America that can’t possibly be.

Trump’s COVID “help” is about making you pay more for your Social Security. Trump is defunding Social Security in return for $200 less than the Democratic-led House bill contains.

During World War I, an Army officer of the 5th Ohio Infantry, Captain Robert L. Queissner who had two sons serving on the front line, designed and patented the Blue Star Service Banner. This service flag/banner quickly became the unofficial symbol of a mother and/or father who had a child in…

It’s a con that has Bernie Madoff turning green with envy. In America, “systemic racism” has created “white privilege” and unless you’re a racist you must become an “ally” of anyone who claims she’s been systemically oppressed.

During this very strange year we’re having, it might be tempting to think that we who work in the media somehow live charmed lives far removed from everybody else. It’s hard to tell. I’ve been in The L-V’s newsroom exactly once since February, I think.

The United Nations Small Arms Treaty has been the gun control lobby’s jewel for decades. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has introduced legislation to remove the treaty from Senate consideration and send it back to the White House where it can finally be killed.

Although I have very little time for anything amusing lately, I do play Words With Friends on my cell phone because I love word games.

We must ask some very simple questions lurking within the shadowy matrix of: With whom do we contend? These are honest questions with massive repercussions, for it appears we have become a technocracy beyond reproach. Please allow this small list to start a much-needed and much wider conversation:

What ever happened to the Golden Rule? You know the one: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.