In the last ten years or so we started a winter family tradition of listening to old-time radio dramas by candlelight. This tradition helps to burn off any gloom or bleakness that may immediately follow the holidays making the winter months cozy and bright.

Despite the best efforts of a bi-partisan coalition to stop them, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House has passed two articles of impeachment against President Trump, 230-197, without a single Republican vote.

Now there’s a title that is sure to set off a round of random public verbal attacks. It doesn’t take much these days. Have we lost our collective sense of humor?

Every day, our activity professionals inspire, engage and enrich the lives of the residents, staff and visitors at Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. They are here assisting, coordinating, connecting, stimulating and supporting resident centered care and encouraging them in living l…

I see where Hillary Clinton got another free pass from Mr. Wray of the FBI, claiming she had done no wrong. Really! What about the FISA and dossier paid for by her to get info on President Trump? What about the ones killed in Benghazi? What about her and the Obama Administration selling 20 p…

Our President is a bully. You can tell by the tone of his speeches and tweets that he has no regard for anyone who criticizes or opposes him in any way. He rants and raves about foreign corruption as a deflection from his own works and misdeeds.

Three cheers for President Trump, our Commander in Chief, and our military for the successful planning and execution of the drone strike in Iraq that took out Iran’s top general and terrorist Soleimani.

I am writing to thank New Bethlehem residents for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.

We are looking to fill vacant positions for Cub Scout Pack 403. We recently lost our Cub Master as he has stepped down for personal matters and one of our Weblos leaders has stepped down for the same reason.

Just finished reading Fred Shick’s unhinged rant in the Jan. 8-9 edition of The L-V. Shick starts out by rehashing the latest version of his oft-repeated fallacy that “2020 will be the fourth year in a row that the do-nothing Democrats have done nothing to help the people of the United State…