Your first reaction to this title might be “12 years? Really?” Some of the people I’ve worked with over the years didn’t even last twelve days on the job, but I had my reasons for sticking it out so long.

As we pointed out in the last column, Stage One of the Democrat response to the Wuhan Flu was denial. The problem was as new cases, hospitalizations and deaths mounted, it became impossible to ignore the seriousness of the virus.

These “Demon-crats” will go to any length to take President Trump down and ruin our great country and turn it into a socialist country.

I currently serve as Redbank Valley School Board President. I am writing to discuss the June 2 referendum vote to raise the property taxes in the district.

We should take the advice of a man from a letter to the editor and vote “No” on the Redbank Valley school referendum.

Remember to vote “No” to the school tax hike on Election Day.

Those who mark time on the doomsday clock suggest that we have moved from minutes before midnight, to seconds, since Trump came to power.

Well, it seems as though the coronavirus is making most of the news nowadays. Sometimes, I wonder if I am still living in America. Despite scientific evidence that they don’t work, I am forced to wear a mask to do any shopping. In fact, there is evidence that the masks do more harm than good…

Our relationship with food is front and center during this hard time that we’re going through. A lot of us are making the effort to promote our area restaurants’ takeout and delivery services because they provide more than calories and taste. There is comfort and a small sense of normality i…