How will your friends’ children remember you when they grow up, or even their descendants for that matter? Not long ago, I was watching an old Hollywood documentary where they interviewed a man whose only claim to fame was that his grandmother was a childhood friend of the actress, Mae West.…

Recently, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a 60-day “stand down” to discuss the problem of “extremism” in the military.

It is the first day of summer as I write this morning. I adopted the habit of lighting a solstice candle a few years ago after an online friend mentioned it. It’s just another way of marking the changing of the seasons.

The first farmers on this continent made a mistake. 500 years later, we’re making it worse.

This past Sunday was a good day for a road trip. After more than a year of staying very close to home, our collective cabin fever is boiling over.

Occasionally, friends would share pictures of their older relatives, often quaint snapshots of great-grandparents. I began to notice how many of these showed elderly women at a henhouse. I found myself convinced that, at one time in the past, it would have been hard in any town to find a res…

Let’s start out with something that is, perhaps, the most alarming, or at least right in there. That would be the transgender movement.

I guess there are some things meant to be in this life. Opportunities that just drop in your lap are part of what is meant to be. I wonder why some things are just meant to be? I won’t get off topic and philosophize about life. This article is about playing the piano.

Critical Race Theory or CRT is an offshoot of Critical Theory, developed by Marxist Communists beginning in the 1940s. Marxist Communists believed that Americans would attack and dispossess those who had more wealth than they did and overthrow the government because they would see themselves…

I don’t want to tempt the Fates, but I think that summer may have arrived finally. Memorial Day was chilly and rainy — just like it used to be back in the ‘60s whenever my family held the first picnic of the season at Mahoning Dam.