With spring now here, and a lot of great fishing just around the corner, this might be a good time to address the topic of introducing youngsters to the joys of fishing.

Yes, we know, we’re racist for calling a Chinese virus ... a Chinese virus.

I don’t know where to begin this morning. We have all received more than enough COVID-19 information over the past week or so. We’re all pretty sick of it.

Although I had other ideas in mind, I feel that I would be remiss in not featuring coronavirus in this month’s column. After all, it’s pretty much all you see on the news anymore. While the disease itself is frightening, its presence has revealed a number of related frightening things.

I’m fortunate to have a family that allows me the imaginative freedom to experiment. You’ll find me pursuing some unusual project on our farm at any given time.

Last Friday, Gov. Tom Wolf announced the closing of many public facilities and urged Pennsylvanians to stay home if they can. This was followed by President Trump declaring a national state of emergency. It has been a very long time since anyone saw a health menace of this size.

Amid the stress and the fears that we face as a community, nation and world, during this unique time in the history of the human race, it is best to chose pro-activity and productivity over panic. The emotional rush of hysteria may relieve some pent up emotions for a brief moment, but it pas…

I’ve been trying not to go overboard with writing about COVID-19 in this column because I try to keep it a safe haven from everyday concerns. On the other hand, the media in its various forms has a duty to give reliable information to its readers and watchers.

We’ve heard and read, over and over about the respiratory ailment “coronavirus,” and how dangerous — really, really, really dangerous — the virus is. Fortunately few Americans believe the urban media about anything, especially when, as now, they attempt to link a problem President Trump had …