This is more or less a sequel to my “Working in the Great Outdoors” article, because I got a lot of positive feedback on it, and I did have to cut out some stories to make it fit in the column. As I thought about it, several other entertaining instances.

It was a dark time. The U.S. Pacific fleet had been decimated by the Japanese sneak attack on December 7 and the Japanese largely controlled the seas. Still, America wanted to fight back and came up with a desperate plan to do so.

People pine for the good old days, especially in this strange year that we’re living through. Sometimes they were not quite as good as we like to remember, but they weren’t all bad, either.

It is the first of July already. We had a couple months of time flying by on leaden feet, and then suddenly June flew past us and the Fourth of July is staring at us.

You know, when I was young, I used to sort of chuckle at some of the philosophy of the “old guys.” Now that I am one, I have gained a lot of understanding. I have found that aging can certainly change one’s outlook on things.

On Mondays we sort cattle.

These days, I save a quarter-hour of time by not checking the previous night’s baseball results each morning.

Like all little girls who have ambitions to be movie stars, you start out wanting to wear beautiful clothes, be glamorous, get fan mail, be adored by one and all, and don’t forget the chance to kiss the handsome leading man. All that is a pretty tempting dream package to a little kid’s ego.

The hostility directed against journalists is real and concerning. During the recent riots and protests over George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer, CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta was occupied and vandalized by the mob. Leland Vittert, after being identified as a Fox News corre…

In a year that has seen a global pandemic, widespread civil unrest, murder hornets and a decidedly odd presidential race, there are traces of normality breaking out. Your definition of “normal” and mine probably differ, but that’s okay.