It’s the kind of irony that’s more painful than humorous. In today’s Democratic Party there’s no place for white guys in positions of power unless they’re already in positions of power and ... ready to grovel. So Democrat wannabe President, white guy and former Vice President Joe Biden went on what CNN called an “apology tour.” In the mocking words of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Biden “went out and was apologizing for being male, over 50, and white.”

But Biden didn’t stop there. He went on to condemn “an English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture.” Sure Joe, the culture that’s given more safety and opportunity to women than any place else in history. Bad white man, bad, bad white man! Biden also apologized for allowing Republicans to defend Justice Clarence Thomas from what Thomas called a “high tech lynching for uppity blacks” by white Democrats using Anita Hill.

According to Biden, America’s English jurisprudential culture has “got to change.”

Thus rule of law, presumption of innocence, right to know what you’re accused of and who’s accusing you, right to confront and cross examine one’s accuser, and right to be tried by a jury of one’s peers (or at least due process) are sexist, racist relics.

And what, pray tell, do we replace this system with?

We got a hint shortly after Biden’s apologies when he was accused by former Nevada state assemblywoman Lucy Flores of sniffing her hair and kissing the back of her head. Democrat Stephanie Carter, the wife of former Defense Secretary Ash Carter, had a similar encounter with Biden, but insisted Biden was a long time family friend trying to reassure her. Nevertheless, Carter supports Lucy Flores’ “right to speak her truth,” adding “all women” should be believed.

Not the truth, her truth. Not the right to be heard, the right to be believed.

Thanks to the Obama Title IX guidance governing sexual misconduct on college campuses, we know what the new “Biden” system would look like. As reported by Judith Shulevitz in the New Republic and others, many schools won’t let the accused have a lawyer and the ones that do won’t let the lawyer speak. He can only pass notes to his client. The accused is not allowed to question or cross examine his accuser, a prohibition recommended by the Obama administration in order to protect the accuser. In fact, the accused doesn’t even have the right to know who’s accusing him. “Students can be found guilty under the lowest standard of proof: preponderance of the evidence, meaning just a 51 percent certainty is all that’s needed for a finding that can permanently alter the life of the accused.”

At Harvard, the accused doesn’t even get a hearing. The Title IX enforcement office acts as cop, prosecutor, judge and jury, and if they act unfairly toward the accused, well, lots of luck because the same person also hears any appeals.

If you don’t think this two-tiered system of justice, where favored groups are treated differently than non-favored groups, can filter into the criminal justice system, consider this:

According to police and the mayor in Chicago, actor Jussie Smollett, who is black, falsely accused two make-believe Trump supporters of a hate crime. It’s an accusation that could have sent two innocent white guys in the wrong place at the wrong time to prison for a decade. Cook County state’s attorney Kim Foxx dropped the charges and sealed the record.

Nikki Yovino, who is white, falsely accused two black Sacred Heart University football players of sexual assault. It’s an accusation that could have sent two innocent black guys to prison for a decade. Yovino was forced to plead guilty and was sentenced to three years, with one year of mandatory prison time.

Which brings us back to Biden’s alleged hair sniffing. How’s your own medicine taste, Joe?

[This is a column of opinion and satire. The author knows of no undisclosed facts. Contact Lewis, the author of “The Diaries of Pontius Pilate,” at and click on Rimersburg Rules.]

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