When you run for a party’s Presidential nomination, you pick supporters in each state to be your delegates. If you win the primary in that state, your delegates go to the convention and vote on who is nominated for President. They also vote on the party platform, or plan for governing. Since Biden won most states, his hand-picked people wrote and voted to pass the Democratic platform. Rimersburg Rules spent an hour and a half reading the Biden/Democratic platform so you wouldn’t have to. Every word below was copied and pasted from the Biden platform. If you want to vote against Trump, you are voting for this:

“Healing the soul of America means facing up to the deepest inequities in our society, from structural racism to misogyny to discrimination against people with disabilities, and enacting ambitious measures to fix them ... recognize that race-neutral policies are not sufficient to rectify race-based disparities. We will take a comprehensive approach to embed racial justice in every element of our governing agenda, including in jobs and job creation.

”Democrats will take action to reverse the Trump Administration’s tax cut, estate taxes should also be raised back to the historical norm.

”Democrats condemn President Trump’s ... inappropriately deploying federal agents to American cities ... Democrats believe we need to overhaul the criminal justice system from top to bottom. Police brutality is a stain on the soul of our nation. It is unacceptable that millions of people in our country have good reason to fear they may lose their lives in a routine traffic stop, or while standing on a street corner, or while playing with a toy in a public park.

”This is the moment to root out structural and systemic racism in our criminal justice system and our society, and reimagine public safety for the benefit of our people and the character of our country.

”It is past time to end the failed ‘War on Drugs.’ Substance use disorders are diseases, not crimes. Democrats will reinvigorate pattern-or-practice investigations into police misconduct at the Department of Justice, and strengthen them through new subpoena powers and expanded oversight to address systemic misconduct by prosecutors. Democrats support lowering the intent standard for federally prosecuting law enforcement officials for civil rights violations ... reining in the doctrine of qualified immunity. Democrats support eliminating the use of cash bail.

”Democrats will enact universal background checks, Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. We will incentivize states to enact licensing requirements for owning firearms. We will pass legislation requiring that guns be safely stored in homes. Democrats believe that gun companies should be held responsible for their products ... and will prioritize repealing the law that shields gun manufacturers from civil liability.

”We will reject the Trump Administration’s use of broad religious exemptions to allow businesses, medical providers, social service agencies, and others to discriminate. We believe unequivocally ... that every woman should be able to access safe and legal abortion. We will ... restore federal funding for Planned Parenthood ... We will repeal the Hyde Amendment.

”Democrats believe Juneteenth (June 19) represents the end of slavery, the freedom for millions of enslaved Black Americans, and should be recognized as a federal holiday.

”We stand united against .. voter ID laws and ... purges of the voter rolls.

”To reach net-zero emissions as rapidly as possible, Democrats commit to eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035. Democrats unequivocally support statehood for Washington, D.C.

”Democrats believe that our fight to end systemic and structural racism in our country extends to our immigration system. Democrats believe it is long past time to provide a roadmap to citizenship for the millions of undocumented workers ... We will significantly raise the annual global refugee admissions target, and work with Congress to create a minimum annual number for refugee admissions, while expanding and identifying new pathways for refugees to seek safe havens.”

That’s the Biden Plan.

[This is a column of opinion and satire. The author knows of no undisclosed facts. Contact Lewis, the author of “The Diaries of Pontius Pilate,” “Separation of Church and State,” “Baghdad Burning” and “Hell Rises,” at www.josephmaxlewis.com.]

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