You know, there is stuff in the news today that we would have never heard of even 10 years ago. Let’s call it “crazy news,” and take a little look at it.

Of course, we have all heard of the National Anthem protests in the NFL. I find it incredible that these actions are even taking place. First of all, in my opinion, the players do not even have a legitimate gripe. They are not oppressed. Apparently, for whatever reason, they believe that they are. They have the right to protest, but why choose the National Anthem as a means to do so? They claim that they are not disrespecting our veterans, who fought, with many dying, for what that flag represents. Maybe they lack the intelligence to realize that they are showing disrespect for those people, but, nevertheless, they are.

I, for one, am through with the NFL. I may come back someday, depending on the course they take in the future. If I feel the need to watch sports, I’ll watch something else. By the way, I hope that nobody ever signs Colin Kaepernick to a contract.

Here’s another one that is almost too wild to believe, but it happened. A firefighter in Detroit was discharged for bringing a watermelon to the firehouse. He was fired for so-called racial insensitivity, as some black firefighters found the fruit offensive. Come on, folks! This the nuttiest thing since a college student was deemed a racist for hanging a banana peel on a tree limb. What will be next? Will we ban watermelons and bananas? The whole thing is getting ridiculously out of hand.

Here’s a real dandy. There’s now a bill afloat in California that makes it a jail offense to refer to someone by the improper gender pronoun. In other words, if a male wants to be addressed as a she, and someone does not comply, they could be jailed. The bill’s sponsor says that such a thing would not happen. Why, then, is the provision included in the law?

Leftist loon Alec Baldwin has made the news again. This time, he confronted a couple on the street of New York City. Details of the event are sketchy, but it ended up with Baldwin throwing a drink. This is by no means the first of his outbursts. I hope that, sometime, somebody beats the tar out of him. Perhaps he would then think twice about violently confronting strangers. That would be satisfying to see.

Up next is the Boy Scouts of America, or at least what used to be the Boy Scouts. They are now allowing girls into some of their programs. Why? There was probably pressure from somewhere. It seems as though this bastion of maleness is now under constant attack. We also have the Girl Scouts of America. I have always supported both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I guess it would be best to just merge them together into one group called the Scouts of America. That would eliminate any stupid gender politics.

Now, in closing, let’s take a serious look at the horrible shooting spree in Las Vegas. Without question, the shooter was a total lunatic. Who else would do such a thing? Although they have not really done so yet, it is certain that the Democrats and the even more radical leftists will eventually clamor for more intrusion on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens. They are fully aware that more gun laws will not prevent another Vegas shooting. They don’t care. Their objective is totally separate. It is to disarm the civilian population. A disarmed populace is much easier to subjugate.

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