Many unemployed people welcome the prospect of a job, and more even look for a second or part-time job. There was a time when any job would do, depending on how badly you needed the income.

In the comfort of my warm home and looking outside at the blowing snow and a report on the outdoor temperature, I started thinking about the worst possible jobs and easily came up with a list.

Many of us certainly remember a job or two that they would not like to revisit, but these are often some that generate a no thanks when you see them at work. Let’s look at my top-three list of worst jobs or ones I would avoid.

Number one on the list of jobs to avoid was found at the Clarion Kmart. Actually, outside of Kmart.

For a couple of weeks along Route 68 in Clarion, Kmart was promoting its closing sale with various signs and added a live person to hold at least one of the signs.

In the bitter cold and blowing wind, I saw someone holding the sign along the road, but was forced to hold the sign in front of him as he used a utility pole to protect his back from the wind. Sandwiched between the sign and pole you could see a bundled up person desperately holding on to let us know Kmart was closing.

Low prices were advertised and there were probably some bargains if that’s what you needed, but it’s no secret that some stores like Kmart bring in merchandise from other stores, raise the sticker price, and they say they are offering it at a discount.

I won’t easily forget the image of that person trapped in the weather, hanging on for a job while the corporation that destroyed itself (and Sears) through mismanagement goes about it’s business oblivious to the pain it has caused.

Here was someone who really needed a job, caught between a signboard and a winter storm. Workers are out there, but they are people and not something to turn into a living blue light special.

Number two on the list doesn’t put someone in a dire weather condition. It’s still another job that probably needs to be done and there are few who will accept. A lady stands in front of the Bath Fitter stand at the Clarion Mall across from AMC Movies. She probably recognizes everyone from around the area as she asks them if they would like to see their bathroom remodeled. The answers are mostly the same, but I’m sure the company wants some leads and she asks and asks again the people passing by in the mall.

I still find it interesting that there is a “ride” near the bath fitter kiosk that simulates a hurricane. Just put in a little money and step inside. I can’t recall seeing anyone who stepped in and took the challenge, but perhaps Kmart used it to recruit people to hold signs in hurricane-like weather.

Number three is a newspaper carrier, if there are still any out there who do not have a motorized route. For many years I delivered the Derrick every day except Sunday and it was a real grind. Back then, they called them newspaper boys and you had to deliver the paper by 7 a.m. and then go to school. The snow and the rain were always challenges. Of course every year there was the thick business edition that was a backbreaker because of its size. Not only did you have to deliver the newspaper, you had to also collect payments from the customers and then pay the bills to the newspaper. It was a character builder, but I can see why this sort of job was phased out, and it wasn’t because of the Internet.

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