When we’re at our “summer home,” i.e. camp with outhouse and additional charms near Clarion, we read The L-V because ... what else do you need? During the winter though, we’re outside of Pittsburgh and it’s a different story. We’re forced to downgrade and subscribe to the local daily paper.

In an effort to be fair, this particular paper alternates its’ editorial page between “Never Trump” Republican columns and columns by every crazy variety of Progressive known to man. The post Christmas offering was:

“Take your sons to see the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie...” by far left Wapo “style” columnist, Monica Hesse.

For those who don’t know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a very liberal, polarizing Justice of the Supreme Court, referred to alternatively as, “The Ridiculous RBG” or “The Notorious RBG.” Her opponents are more numerous than her supporters, but her supporters make up in passion for what they lack in numbers. The Justice is a small but profitable cottage industry. In any event, pick your side, Rimersburg Rules isn’t writing about Justice Ginsburg, but about the ever-increasing disconnect between urban leftist “elites” and ... well, reality.

Consider this from Ms. Hesse regarding the Ginsburg movie (which grossed a rootin’ tootin $1.5 million):

“By the time the character of Marty Ginsburg (Justice Ginsburg’s husband) donned his second apron in the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic, the audience imperative became clear, at least to me: Sure, take your daughters to see ‘On the Basis of Sex,’ which opened this week. But more importantly, take your sons. Take your sons because it’s good for them to see powerful, brilliant women in leading roles. Because overhearing a group of teenage fanboys excitedly discuss Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in a coffee shop last week legitimately warmed my irritated holiday-season heart.”

Now Rules admits, we get the Brie Larson in tights thing. We were an ardent fan of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman with the blue short-shorts and the plunging neck line red top, but then we’ve always been patriotic. However, there’s a dark side to this phenomenon. While Wonder Woman inspired us to become a determined patriot, the tights-clad Julie Newmar as Catwoman could have easily, gladly, led us to a life of crime. Oh, to have been her henchman! Anyway, only in the big city would someone expect that Mr. Ginsburg in an apron would have the same effect upon hormone laden teenage boys as Brie Larson in gray, form fitting tights ... unless Ms. Hesse is suggesting Justice Ginsburg wears ... oh, take away that imagery!

What Ms. Hesse misses is no teenage boy is going to “excitedly” talk about a female lead because she is “powerful” and “brilliant.” Girls and women might, but boys and all but lefty men won’t.

It’s often said, the best thing you can do for your child, more than money, more than opportunity or college or even personal support is have a healthy, loving relationship with your spouse.

If feminists really want boys to develop healthy attitudes toward girls and women, they should have healthy, loving relationships of mutual respect with their husbands and their sons. Lecturing males when they come home beat up from their day about their “privilege” and their role in the “patriarchy” isn’t the best route to domestic bliss. Sometimes a guy is just too tired to explain to a feminist, in single syllable words, the Hunter Gather phase, the Agricultural phase, the Manufacturing phase and the Industrial Revolution, let alone how societies had to develop social systems appropriate to the times or be destroyed by others who did.

Developing loving relationships is hard work. Lecturing and blaming is so much easier than trying to understand. Think lecturing boys about how bad they are is sure to develop respect for women? The only thing Rules can think of that would be worse is making them sit through that Ginsburg movie.

[This is a column of opinion and satire. The author knows of no undisclosed facts. Contact Lewis, the author of “The Diaries of Pontius Pilate,” at www.josephmaxlewis.com and click on Rimersburg Rules.]

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