Last month we learned that Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam appeared in black face, not as a 13-year-old on Halloween, but as a college student, claiming he was channeling Michael Jackson. Northam was immediately condemned by Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring. At least until Herring was forced to admit he thought it was funny to put on black face as a University of Virginia student. You would think both white men would be condemned by Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, who is black, and they were, at least until Fairfax was “credibly accused” of forcible sexual assault by two different women.

Wonder why you never heard of this story or if you did why it disappeared? Because nothing throws the urban media into a frenzy like white men accused of any kind of racism or men accused of sexual assault ... unless that will result in a Republican taking over as governor in Virginia, which is exactly what will happen if Northam, Herring and Fairfax get knocked out of office.

If you’re like Rimersburg Rules, you find Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — she of the we’ll tax those “at the very tippy top” and “Unemployment is low because people are working 80 hours a week” — kind of endearing. She’s like the toddler who wanders into a formal dinner and tries her best to act like a grown up. But there may be more to her than Twitter and pie-in-the-sky ideas. It appears quite possible that Cortez and her chief of staff may have played a complicated shell game to skim off and transfer almost $1 million of campaign contributions. According to former FEC chairman Bradley A. Smith, “It’s a really weird situation. I see almost no way that you can do that without it being at least a reporting violation, quite likely a violation of the contribution limits.”

Cortez’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts, got some love to. Turns out he got at least a couple $3,000 payments for something and that led to a complaint. “It’s not illegal for her to pay her boyfriend, but it appears that they created some sort of scheme to avoid claiming the money [as a campaign expense],” said Attorney Dan Backer, who filed the complaint. “What exactly did he do for that money?”

And then there’s the anti-Semitism resolution that wasn’t.

When Republican Steve King, who is white, allegedly wondered to the New York Times, how “white supremacy” became offensive, all Republicans joined in a Congressional resolution condemning his comments by name. Republicans also stripped him of his committee assignments.

Newly elected Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, who is Muslim, has a history of making comments, at least one of which, Democratic Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Eliot Engel called a “vile, anti-Semitic slur.”

Omar claims “Israel (which is the Jewish state) has hypnotized the world” and support for Israel in Congress was “all about Benjamins.” She “want(s) to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

Democrat Nita M. Lowey, who is Jewish, tweeted, “Lawmakers must be able to debate w/o prejudice or bigotry. I am saddened that Rep. Omar continues to mischaracterize support for Israel. I urge her to retract this statement and engage in further dialogue with the Jewish community on why these comments are so hurtful.”

Omar was having none of it: “I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on committee.”

When Nancy Pelosi is the voice of reason, you know you’re in trouble. Pelosi proposed to address Omar’s statements with a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, but not naming Omar or taking her committee assignments. Both the Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus opposed the resolution. It was tabled.

The urban media is running out of carpet to sweep under.

[This is a column of opinion and satire. The author knows of no undisclosed facts. To comment or learn more, contact Lewis at and click on Rimersburg Rules. Joseph M. Lewis the author of “Separation of Church and State” and “The Diaries of Pontius Pilate.”]

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