I would like to say thank you to all the volunteers that came out to help remove the Hometown Hero Banners on Saturday, Oct. 26. Our little town of Rimersburg has the greatest respect for our veterans and are willing to lend a hand.

I personally want to thank you all for a great turnout on election day. All of your voices were very loud and clear about choosing Kenneth Lee to be your supervisor. Both of us are grateful for your votes of confidence and we promise that the immature childishness that exists will come to an…

Last week, Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto made a very public statement that he opposes any further development of the region’s petrochemical industry. While we respect the mayor’s view and his right to set policy for the City of Pittsburgh, he does not speak for this region. We, as members of the…

President Obama’s administration (FBI,CIA, NSA and Department of Justice) tried to tip the 2016 election against Donald Trump and then overthrow America’s duly-elected President in an attempted coup.

I wrote two weeks ago asking you to circle Nov. 5 as a reminder to go vote. The majority of us have been waiting for this day. Tuesday, Nov. 5 will be our day to finally be heard. On that day we all have the opportunity to have our voices be recognized by speaking out with our votes.

Do the taxpayers of Madison Township (Clarion County) want to keep our roads and our treasury in good shape, and money in the bank? If so, vote for Lanny Himes. Lanny and Bill Murray have done an excellent job. They don’t lay at the shop half the day like the old wannabe supervisors.

I would like to address some things that have been falsely said about me in the paper and also on social media. These things that were said, however, were taken out of context and my words were twisted into something that I didn’t say.