On Nov. 2, it was my good fortune to attend a Turkey Town Veterans Recognition Breakfast sponsored by state Rep. Justin Walsh (R-Westmoreland County) that provided good chow and fellowship, and featured keynote speaker state Rep. Dr. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny County).

As a veteran who supported Walsh, I attended the breakfast, and as a conservative patriot, I had hoped to say a few inspiring words for thought in Harrisburg, but the agenda did not provide the time. Herewith, I’ll recap what I had intended to say as a disenchanted citizen:

Pennsylvania has become the Keystone State for too much taxing, too much spending, too much corruption, too many legislators with too many perks, way too little on savings and thrift and way too much union clout and deference to special interests. It’s long time due for legislators to bond and say enough is enough to the unions and their negative influence that’s created the pension crisis and deterred Pennsylvania from becoming a badly needed Right to Work state. It pleases me to no end that those who voted for tax-and-spend Gov. Wolf are paying 40 cents or more for a gallon of gas in Pennsylvania than motorists in other states.

After a lengthy absence, It’s good to be back in the letter composing saddle.



West Newton

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