Back in the day, when I was a much younger man, I learned early on that not all of my friends were gifted behind the wheel. To be blunt, they couldn’t drive safely under any (and all) conditions. By observational fact, they were terrible drivers who were “Unsafe at Any Speed,” to use Ralph Nader’s infamous book title.

So, in order to ensure that I would get home safely, I would simply pick them up on the way through. That way I drove and they didn’t. By doing so, I was safer and they were too. Yet, every single one of them considered themselves a good driver. Some of them even considered themselves as exceptional drivers. Yet, oblivious to the fact that their skills were at best un-honed, and at worst were flat-out abysmal, a danger to every soul on the highway. The local junkyards were littered with their failed efforts.

Today, in America at large, we are allowing ourselves to be controlled by individuals who demand to “drive” America’s upper echelons of government affairs. From day-to-day bureaucracies, to interacting with nuclear-armed foes, they demand to be at the wheel regardless of their lack of skills. But, even more insidious, they simply have an unquenchable thirst for power and control, caring not what or whom they destroy along the byways of life.

Never mind that their skill sets don’t allow for them to operate a one-cylinder go-kart, let alone the world’s preeminent super power! Heaven help us if they continue on their chosen course. Already many jobs have been crushed. Our borders are in disarray. Our schools shuttered until further notice, shredding many children’s lives. All of these events show little let up in sight, and will only worsen as time goes on and our current leaders’ lack of “driving skills” grow even more evident. By simply being themselves, they threaten all we hold dear, all we love and all we cherish by plummeting us off the cliff because they are inept at all they pursue.

As for today’s reality, our proverbial car has been driven through the guardrails and is in free fall, plummeting downward towards a wickedly harsh impact. How hard will this pending crash be? Unknown. But, with the insipid demands of those who are so obviously failing us at a national level (in every possible aspect), the coming impact will be catastrophic! As for me, I find it astounding to witness such incompetence in action. Surely we can do better! But without allowing the competent, the capable and the righteous to be at the steering wheel of government, especially at the highest levels, we can expect to quickly discover our national interests rusting as a broken hulk in the garbage dump of history.

All as we forlornly whisper while driving past the junkyard of the near future, “That shattered chariot sitting there was once known as the American Dream, it used to be such a valiant and fearless specimen of all that mankind can achieve when living in true freedom and driven by righteous souls.”


Porter Township

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