Imagine living in a country with no law enforcement (police, sheriff), but one run by Far Left liberals. For example, Portland, Seattle, Philly, Baltimore and other states run by socialist “Demon-crats.” These socialists want all of America to be destroyed.

These looters and burners and murderers aren’t out there for BLM, they are organized terrorists being paid to cause chaos and destroy property. President Trump wants to stop this, but Pelosi, Schumer, governors, mayors and the other village idiots don’t want it stopped. If you don’t want a lawless country run by terrorists, then vote Red, not Blue.

Also, beware of the socialists’ new push to confiscate your guns. Like Bozo O’Rourke said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your guns,” and Biden agreed.

Who voted these jerks into office? They all hate our country. Schiff is on the Intelligence Committee (Lord help us). Wicked Witch Pelosi has no idea what she is doing, and doesn’t care about our great country. She stated on TV that she prays for President Trump. To do what?

Remember HBO’s Bill Mayher saying the only way to get rid of Trump is a recession? Why is he and other creeps who hate the USA still here? When they leave the USA, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Just remember people, who do you want making decisions for our children and grandchildren? I sure don’t want mine in a socialist country and being told wha they can and can’t do. No home, car, food, water, and you will not have vacations, money or anything you are used to enjoying now.

God bless us, our country and President Trump.

Support your law enforcement women and men.



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