A few truthful observations are warranted since the midterm elections are over.

First, there was no blue wave victory in the midterm elections as claimed by Democrats and the corrupt media. In the Senate, the GOP scored a huge win of historic proportions, expanding its majority from 51 to 53 seats. This is the first time since 1914, when America began direct election of senators, that the party which won the House in the midterm didn’t gain seats in the Senate. They lost seats. Additionally, the Democrats gained 39 seats in the House, which is within the normal margin of victory for midterms. Democrats winning the House by a normal margin while suffering a historical beating in the Senate is not a blue wave victory.

Second, there is now outside validation identifying the real social injustice in America today. A recent Associated Press article told the story about Kursat Pekgoz, a Turkish man now attending USC in America for his PhD. The article stated Kursat was a feminist activist in his nation of Turkey. He had witnessed a lot of sexual discrimination in his lifetime. He was surprised to discover that in America the real sexual discrimination was feminists discriminating against men, not men against women like in Turkey. This article validated my previous letters to the editor exposing the real social injustice in America being done by ungodly feminists against men

Third, since winning the House, the Democratic Party and corrupt media are announcing all sorts of plans to disrupt the legislative process and impeach Trump. Yet, the Mueller investigation has not been completed and no legal basis has been established for impeachment. These mob rule tactics of disruption and impeachment by Democrats do nothing to solve the real problems in America. It proves that Democrats and media will say anything to regain control of the federal government. They plan to ram their socialistic agenda (government freeloading) down everyone’s throats in favor of blacks, feminists, illegal aliens and deadbeats at the expense of whites, males, workers, producers and savers.


Oil City

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