The most important trait of my friend Blondie was he never talked behind your back. If he had something to say, he said it to your face. He was honest, caring and a fighter for what he believed in. I give him a lot of credit for standing up for what he believed in.

He and I fought to keep the red light in Rimersburg. We had more than 600 signatures, and of course, the borough felt otherwise.

We fought to drain the swamp in Madison Township (Clarion County), and that we did achieve. Naturally, we caught a lot of flak from the non-doers in our area, but we fought for what we believed in. So many people just sit back and do nothing but complain.

We used to have really good times drinking coffee at the Knight Spot. Steph always had the best pie and workers.

Blondie fought for his country, his beliefs and his friends. He was a good man and friend. My hat is off to Blondie, my friend, who was always there for me and others. He gave so much to all of us and will be deeply missed.

We never got to finish our last letter for the newspaper, so I’ll finish the letter for both of us. We drained the swamp, but still have a little flushing yet to do. One former township supervisor has driven around the township checking on roads more now than when he was a supervisor. He felt there are few that are impassible, so he called the state to see if something could get done about this. Did those roads get like that overnight? You do realize the new supervisors have inherited a mess that you made. You were OK sitting at the shed accumulating comp time for years. Why are you so concerned about the roads now? Your whole problem is you can’t see progress being made within our township. You should just ride into the sunset and stay away from things you know nothing about.

This letter is for you, Blondie, my friend. May you rest in peace. Thanks for everything and the memories you left.



Madison Township

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