Americans, we have a foundation which must be restored.

What does the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights mean to you?

The Bill of Rights starts with: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Has this been infringed? Recently? The answer to both is yes. So, before you vote, ask yourself: by whom and which party? To which ideology do they subscribe? Why are Christians in California being fined and threatened with arrest if they attend church? Is this the America you want to live in? No matter your religious views, your duty as an American is to defend this right. Americans need to be outraged by the state governments which are prohibiting the free exercise of religion. California is the worst example, but several other states, including ours, are guilty.

Continuing with the First Amendment; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. How has your speech been abridged or silenced? If your voice has not been silenced, fantastic! Are you upset about your fellow Americans whose speech has been silenced? You should because you will be next as history has shown time and time again. The free press is not so free when they repeat verbatim just as the next news outlet. It appears as if one source is feeding them their lines. A producer for MSNBC left stating this as one of her reasons. Just as disturbing are the attacks to the few who report outside of the talking points. America’s voice is not homogeneous. Our news needs to reflect everyone. All speech needs to be heard. Free Speech Zones that do not allow ideas which someone deems offensive are not zones of free speech. Before you vote, reflect, observe and listen to the world from all ideas and speech. Your vote as an American should reflect Free Speech and Free Press.

“… or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Everyone has these rights. They are being exercised by protesters. No one is interfering with them except for the rioters finally being arrested. These rioters are anarchists who want the destruction of the country. They say so themselves. Who is denouncing them or supporting them, even to the point of paying their bail? These mobs are threatening to come to your neighborhood. You may think it will not happen in your neighborhood. I assure you the people of Kenosha, Wis. did not think so either. One political side is against these radicals and the other is with them (or was with them and now are trying to distance themselves). The right to assemble at a church or a school activity has been infringed. Government once again has overreached. But which political party is the author of this overreach?

American Christians are not one issue voters, and to describe them as such is wrong. All Christians want freedom of religion and the right to assemble, pray, sing and commune. All Christians know Jesus and have accepted Him. Focus on our love of God, our love for our fellow humans, and our love of a country that allows all the above.

Christians, pray to reconcile your heart and mind with God. Stop attacking other Christians because of politics. Jesus would not be a Democrat nor a Republican. He would not describe Himself in any political sense. He did say to pray for our leaders, so pray for them.

As Americans, you should be looking at policy not personality. Afterall, are you and I perfect and loved by everyone? What policies will restore our foundations and our rights? Will you vote for freedom or socialism? Will you vote for freedom despite your dislike of a personality? Will you vote for socialism because of your dislike of a personality?

Do your homework on policy. Compare them side by side without the Democrat or Republican moniker, without the name Trump or Biden.

American Christians, pray. American Christians, be open to hearing God. As we approach election day, reduce your news and social media consumption. Choose to fast and pray. Discern what the heart of God really wants.

Remember, America is free because of our God-given Founding Documents. We must restore them.


New Bethlehem

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