The latest lawsuit brought against the Armstrong County Commissioners and we the taxpayers is hard to swallow. The Armstrong County Tax Collectors Association decided we need to be responsible for fattening their paychecks.

I agree with our county commissioners who did their research on the rate required to pay tax collectors, as they accessed and aligned with the state requirements for this service. Armstrong County taxpayers have been burdened with overpayment of tax collectors in previous years.

In addition, with a $1.3 million deficit, and a need to do some shaving before the final public voting meeting on Dec. 21 at 9:30 a.m., I have a few ideas to reduce the cost for the struggling taxpayers.

The non-constitutional Conservation District’s request of a 10 percent increase, along with the tourism department’s request of a 16 percent increase, are definitely unnecessary for Armstrong County property taxpayers to be responsible for paying. It is unacceptable to require property taxpayers to subsidize recreation expansion! Both of these departments benefit only a certain sector of residents, and tourism should be subsidized by those benefitting from it, not me.

Basic necessities are and have been the focus in my life. Recreation is a luxury and I should not be forced to subsidize it with my scarce tax dollars. Our county commissioners and state elected officials should be acquainting themselves with the fact these programs have not increased the individual taxpayers’ ability to prosper, but they sure have added unnecessary increases to our government budgets.

Nix the 8 percent increase for the mapping department. The present expensive contract identifying new structures to satisfy the county’s tax procurement fund holds sufficient information for the mapping department.

County elected officials should not receive a pay increase.


Kiski Township

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