President Trump came up with the best plan yet — send all the illegal immigrants to the Sanctuary Cities.

The Far Left should be jumping with joy as they want open borders. But guess who the ones are that oppose it? All the loonies that want to have open borders, no ICE, no walls and no restrictions.

Pelosi and Schumer are bashing President Trump over his idea. Would Pelosi, Chucky and the other brain-dead Dems tear down the walls around their mansions and get rid of their bodyguards? Maybe the Far Left should help the people in our country, the ones living in cardboard boxes, the ones that are hungry, sick, using needles, etc. Many of these people are in Pelosi’s neighborhood, but they are not worthy of her help.

What have these Far left morons done in 2 1/2 years to help the American people? They should not be getting a paycheck until they start doing what they got elected for. They should be ashamed to show their face in public or on TV.

How about Mayor Peduto of Pittsburgh and Gov. Wolf passing their gun laws? I think they are going against my Second Amendment rights. Beware of voting for Democrats if you value your right to own firearms as outlines by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

If you people want socialism, vote Democratic. No planes and cars, no beef, no meat, no freedom, nothing to eat, no clothes, no home, etc. Sounds like paradise.

One Far Left idiot said Social Security was socialism. The last I heard and remember, you had to work and pay into it and when you reach the age to qualify, then you draw on it. Also, a portion of your Social Security has Medicare taken out of it.

If we do away with cars, trains, boats, planes, oil, gas, meat, etc., there goes millions of manufacturing jobs, farmers, oil and gas field workers, and the Gold Old USA.

New York state is going to pay tuition for illegals, but not for U.S. citizens. Really. They’re also stopping to add money to a fund that helps veterans. Give Cuomo and de Blasio an award for scumbags of the century.



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