Please circle May 21 on your calendar as a reminder to vote. I know for a fact that 350 of you signed a notarized petition to the supervisors, and I quote, “To do their elected duties with an attitude of willingness to work together in the manner for which we elected you to do.” Some of you have been regularly attending township meetings, and you know that our government is not for the people or by the people, and if you have been left with the feeling that the petition did nothing and the township government that is meant to serve you is broken, please share with as many residents as you can and encourage them to go vote.

Like most of you, I voted for both supervisors. Also like you, I try to change or correct my mistakes. For these reasons, I am supporting Kenneth Lee for township supervisor for Redbank Township, Clarion County. I am also asking all that have supported me through the years to vote for Kenneth. A vote for Kenneth Lee will ensure an end to something that was never meant to be. When elected, it is your duty and oath to work for the people.

Republicans can do this by putting a check in the box beside Kenneth Lee’s name. Democrats must push the key for Write-In and then type “Kenneth Lee” for supervisor. If unsure, please ask for help.

Hope to see you all at the polls. Let’s right this wrong.



Redbank Township (Clarion County)

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