Did you know the day after the “Demon-crat” controlled House impeached President Trump in a partisan vote on Dec. 18 (not one Republican voted in favor), the Evangelical magazine “Christianity Today,” founded by Bill Graham, wrote an editorial calling for President Trump’s removal from office? The article claimed the facts of impeachment were “unambiguous” and that the President attempted to use his power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit President Trump’s political opponent, Joe Biden.

The Graham Family, offended by the editorial invocation of Billy Graham’s name, reacted swiftly. Franklin Graham wrote on Facebook, “My father knew Donald Trump, voted for Trump because he believed he was the man for this hour in the history of our country.” The whole Graham family was outraged at this paper’s article.

Nearly 200 evangelical leaders released a letter denouncing the “Christianity Today” editorial. The editorial was factually false.

By the way, where is lying shifty Schiff, napping Nadler and the rest of the cronies and do-nothings? These morons were hoping for a recession or anything to bring President Trump down.



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