Who is funding these riots and looters that are taking over our great country? Could it be the Deep State, far-Left “Demon-crats,” George Soros who uses our tax money to fund countries that hate us, Clintons or Obamas?

Do you want our country under control by Antifa or the socialist Left? Good people in Seattle want to leave that area, but aren’t allowed to leave.

Any state run by Democrats (governor or mayor) is making their own rules and laws. Look at New York, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Virginia and others.

Why is when a white cop shoots a black man, there is a big outrage? What about a black man that shot a retired sheriff (with 38 years of service) and it was barely covered by the news media? The mainstream media and “Demon-crats” are out to take down our President and country.

Just because your parents or grandparents were Dems, doesn’t mean you have to be. I used to be a Dem when they were for working people, but no more. I don’t want my grandkids or anyone’s kids growing up under socialism.

Wicked Pelosi wants to tear down all the statues in our country. These represent history that made this country. They did not represent racism in our country, they represent the making of a great country for all races and religions.

Stop these socialists from taking over our country. Don’t listen to anyone downing our country. Remember the men and women that died to keep this country great. Also, on National Law Enforcement Day, call the police station and sheriff’s office and thank them for protecting us. They put their lives in jeopardy every time they are on duty.

Stop playing the race card and remember we are all equal and can get along. In November we can make our country great or turn to socialism. You do have a choice.



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