Adam Schiff is now chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. I thought you had to be intelligent to hold that job, not a blooming idiot.

Jerry Nadler has taken over the House Judiciary Committee and the only word in his vocabulary is “impeach.” He promised to try to impeach Cavanaugh and also President Trump. Another Dem that is a disgrace to our country.

Muslim Omar is on the Foreign Affairs Committee. She called our country garbage, she hates Israel and everything our country stands for, including our love of God.

Maxine Waters is in charge of the House Financial Services Committee. How in the world do these morons get these positions? With these jerks in these positions, including Pelosi, Schumer and others, we are doomed.

People better wake up to what their children and grandchildren will go through if these far left people get control of our country. You people that are voting democrat because your parents and grandparents were Democrats better do some research and praying. This Dem Party is not what it used to be. They want power, socialism and control of everyone’s life. There is no free lunch out there and have you heard any Dem say how all these free things will be paid for?

Here is a list of today’s leaders on the left who campaign openly as the anti-America party: Gov. Cuomo, Keith Ellison, President Obama and Michelle Obama and Maxine Waters. Obama said he was out to fundamentally transform America. He started with causing racial problems in our country.

Stephanie Borowicz, Republican House representative from Pennsylvania, gave the day’s opening session prayer. She prayed, “God forgive us, Jesus, we’ve lost sight of you. We’ve forgotten you, God, in our country and we are asking you to forgive us.” She went on to thank God for President Trump’s strong support of Israel. The media went bonkers. The Philadelphia Inquirer accused Borowicz of confusing a house of government with a house of worship. Our great Democratic governor called the prayer horrifying, the Washington Post called the prayer offensive, divisive and Islamophobic.

I want nothing to do with any party that puts an assault on Christianity. Without God, our country is doomed. Wake up America!



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