Armstrong County District Attorney Scott Andreassi and I have worked together as colleagues and friends for the last 18 years. We have each been District Attorney of our respective counties since before Columbine, 9/11, and before the plague of heroin struck Western Pennsylvania. Each of these events changed law enforcement in ways never anticipated. As the chief law enforcement officer of Armstrong County for over 20 years, Scott has been a true leader, not only for law enforcement, but a leader for justice and his community.

Early on, we committed to a collaborative effort to address the influx of toxic heroin into Armstrong and Clarion counties. In the New Bethlehem and East Brady areas, under Scott’s leadership, our drug task forces, ARMNET and CNET, have been able to work together seamlessly without regard to county lines, or being concerned which agency got the “credit” for an operation. DA Andreassi has been a true leader in addressing the opioid crisis. Not just since it has become a recent focus of the national media — but for the last two decades.

Be it for his excellence as a trial attorney, or for his passion to protect and empower victims of crime. Scott is universally respected by his DA colleagues, and throughout the law enforcement community.

As District Attorney, Scott has been in a position which requires him to make the “tough call,” which can not be delegated. Scott has always been willing to make the tough decisions, be it to seek the maximum possible penalty, or to show compassion when justice requires.

The citizens of Armstrong County could not be better served than to elect District Attorney Scott Andreassi as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.


District Attorney of

Clarion County

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