President T-Rump (more recently known as “Putin’s Poodle”) continuously bleats about Mueller’s “witch hunt” and claims there is no proof of collusion. Well, not yet — that will come in the courtroom or the Senate chamber during the impeachment trial.

Right now, what we do have is evidence — and evidence becomes proof at a trial. We have indictments (many), guilty pleas (several), arrests, and Agent Orange’s former campaign manager in jail here in Virginia. Others will follow.

Let’s look at the score card:

• Michael Flynn — Trump’s former (fired/resigned) National Security Advisor — pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI.

• Paul Manafort — one of Trump’s multiple (“I hire the best people”) campaign managers — indicted on numerous counts, arrested and jailed (determined to be a flight risk).

• Rick Gates — Manafort business partner guilty pleas to numerous counts.

• George Papadopolous — member of Trump’s Foreign Policy Advisory Panel — guilty plea, multiple material false statements to FBI.

• Richard Pinedo — guilty plea (identity fraud, including supplying false names/accounts to the Russians), facing 15 years in prison and a $200,000 fine.

• Alex van der Zwann — attorney — pled guilty, jailed, released and deported back to Europe the day after his release this past June.

• Twelve Russian Military Officers — indicted July 13 accused of cyber-crimes for interfering with the 2016 election.

More to follow — probably T-Rump Jr., Roger Stone, a GOP Congressman referenced but not named in the Russian indictments, Kushner, and a cell block of others, as the investigation continues. Where will it all end? My money is on the great white whale.

A witch hunt? If so, a successful one so far if you consider the list above — a dozen and a half so far. More to be caught as the investigation continues until it catches the son-of-a-witch in the White House.


Falls Church, Va.

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