As I write this, our American government is shut down. The Greedy Old Propagandists are in charge of the presidency, the Senate and the House. They are actively attacking our government. Steve Bannon said they want to disassemble government. It’s happening.

The GOP is selling off our public lands, privatizing everything they can get their policies onto — and you will pay more, from privatized education to toll roads. They are eliminating protections for the citizens of our country, desecrating our environment, and Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are on the agenda.

They stop certain people from voting. Pennsylvanians don’t have paper ballots like Oregonians and people from Washington state. Note how the GOP struggle against the investigation on Russian influence on America’s election. Putin has chosen this president and he’s still involved in influencing our elections.

Lies are commonplace from the president (2,000 lies in 2017). Trump has succeeded in some people’s minds in discrediting any negative reports about him and the Greedy Old Propagandists. Propaganda works with about a third of Americans, it seems. But millions of us were in the streets over this past weekend. We see what is happening.

Your future in this democracy needs all of us to get out, get registered and vote! Our democracy needs you!



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