I was intrigued by the letter from Fred Shick in the Jan. 2-3 edition of the L-V. Of particular interest, as I had not heard or read of it elsewhere, was Shick’s claim that “they are using Jesus to fight Trump on the wall.” I believe Shick was referring to Democrats as “they.”

This assertion raises many questions for me: does Jesus have a vote in the House or the Senate to fight against Trump’s wall; is Jesus aware that “they” are using him; is Jesus willingly cooperating with the Democrats (would that be collusion?); how, specifically are the Democrats using Jesus?

As I can find no clear explanation of how this is happening, I seriously invite Shick to explain how Jesus is being used, whether he is OK with being used, and if not, why does he not fight back — maybe smite down the Dems? Maybe he is OK with being used and is, himself, also opposed to the wall. Apparently Shick knows. Maybe he will share his insights (delusions).


Falls Church, Va.

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