Have you seen the National Police Association “New Bethlehem Appeal” scam? I have received numerous phone calls and a letter asking for money. There is some interesting information in the letter. It seems to indicate the money sent (to Stafford, Texas) will be used to help the police deal with the various problems they list in their message, but it doesn’t outline any plan to do that. I can find no connection to the New Bethlehem area.

On the back of the page, they admit they collected $2,293,487 last year. Almost half of that was spent on fundraising ($1,137,799), and another 27.32 percent ($626,581) was spent on administration. They claim about $499,292 was spent on public education but admit the “education” was done in conjunction with fundraising appeals. (Is the part of the letter that outlines the problems faced by law enforcement what they call education?) A paltry 1.3 percent ($29,815) was spent on “program services,” but nothing outlines what these services might be.

If we want to support the police, we should start with the local departments. Money sent to some other state and spent mostly on fundraising and administration is not likely to do much toward solving the real problems faced by the police.


New Bethlehem

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