Kudos to Denny Bonavita for his clear, cogent and convincing editorial in the Aug. 16-17 edition of the L-V: “Armed rebellion against impeachment could be treason.”

Bonavita does a very fine job of pointing out what constitutes a coup and what constitutes Congress fulfilling its responsibility under the Constitution. The former is treason, the latter is acting legally as specified in the Constitution. I’m pretty much in favor of the Constitution.

To balance the kudos to Bonavita, I’m offering raspberries to Chris Henderson. As he is prone to do, he crafts his column with intellectual dishonesty and intellectual laziness (ID/IL).

Let’s look at the intellectual dishonesty part first. Henderson rightly notes that “a lunatic drove a car into a group of protesters.” In the next paragraph he reminds us that “we have the shooting of a Minneapolis woman by a black, Muslim police officer.” Where is the dishonesty? The dishonesty comes from pointing out the race and religion of the latter and not balancing that by pointing out that the former is a white Christian. Why highlight one and not the other if you are honest, balanced and fair in your reporting? Henderson fails the test of honesty, balance and fairness.

On to Henderson’s second core competency: intellectual laziness. Toward the end of his column, Henderson writes that, “It seems that more and more concessions are being made to Sharia law in the west, including here in this country.” If he were not so intellectually lazy, he might cite a couple of instances — when, where and how have those concessions been made? Who made them? I guess it is just easier to toss a grenade or two and then walk away from it. Don’t be so lazy Henderson — follow up your assertion with a reference or two — date, location, type of concession. Henderson is offering fake news or alternative facts (well, actually, no facts) — heavy on hype, light on facts. No real digging into the issue. To me, that is laziness.


Falls Church, Va.

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