The genie is out of the bottle and will never return to it. The genie represents white males, workers, producers, savers and Christians. The bottle represents the prison built by godless liberals when they controlled the entire federal government for over 10 years. Liberals rammed down people’s throats their agenda of socialism, massive spending and debt, and minority group favoritism until Donald Trump and 63 million supporters (the genie) put an end to it.

Since then, godless liberals have resorted to violence, threats of violence, intimidation, harassment and constant false media attacks (fake news) to stop Trump and the genie and regain control. The hallmark of modern liberal belief is their way or war. Liberals no longer give freedom to people to live their beliefs. Liberalism is not freedom. It is bondage (prison). How did it get this way?

Years ago, the Democratic Party was great. They stood for the working person as the biblical way of entitlement. They believed in marriage between men and women, families as the unit of society, husbands as the head of the wife and family, sex only in marriage, discipline of children, capitalism with free enterprise, God as head of America, and patriotism.

The gradual slide into liberalism began in the 1960s in colleges based on teaching of Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals.” It spread first to the media and throughout America. They gained control of the Democratic Party then the entire government. Who are Democrat liberals today? They are easily identified: flag burners, National Anthem protesters, militant blacks, rioters, ungodly feminists, government freeloaders, non-workers, homosexuals, transvestites, atheists, agnostics and illegal aliens.

The latest liberal, false attacks are against men, especially GOP candidates. Feminists are contacting the media claiming sexual wrongdoings that allegedly occurred many years ago without proof of any prior complaint by them. This is being deliberately done to deny men their constitutional right to a fair trial before being labeled a reprobate or unfit for office (trial by media). Mere accusations by feminists in the media are never proof of wrongdoings, especially when politically motivated.


Oil City

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