Recent letters from Sheri Hamilton and Lynn Ramsey present an opportunity to expose the truth about feminism. Both women are feminists. They attacked my previous letter against godless liberals by claiming I have false Christian values, am outrageous and a threat to America. Feminists are the largest group of godless liberals.

My initial response is to thank God there are many wonderful God-fearing ladies who are tremendous mothers, wives, sisters and citizens. I was personally blessed to be raised by a wonderful Christian mother, to have two wonderful sisters, and to be married to a wonderful wife. Feminists are not wonderful women. Most feminists are man-haters, especial white male, Donald Trumps. How did feminists become so hateful?

The rebellious feminist movement began in the 1970s when women in colleges began advocating freedom of sex outside of marriage for women, with the women in total control. Feminist-controlled date selection, sex and the relationship indecent of men. This is contrary to the word of God. This rebellious attitude spread to many women in marriages resulting in a dramatic increase in divorce. This immoral sexual freedom produced a significant increase in unwanted pregnancies. Feminists then advocated the worst evil by killing unborn children through abortion to get rid of their unwanted pregnancy. Feminists then banded together and entered the political arena to advance their destructive agenda. This produced a major decline in Christian values.

Hateful feminists now have declared war on men. They attack men in the media with unsubstantiated claims of sexual misconduct against a particular man instead of going to the police or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as provided by law. Many feminists have made false claims. Feminists are deliberately bypassing proper legal procedures with their claims thereby denying men the most fundamental due process right under the Constitution for every citizen; the right to a fair trial in court before being judged and fired. Men are now charged, tried, convicted and sentenced by feminists in the liberal media.

Feminists are wrongfully destroying mens’ lives, careers and reputations without due process of law. Feminists are ungodly.


Oil City

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