Just finished reading Fred Shick’s letter in the Oct.2-3 edition of The L-V. Shick starts out by rehashing his fallacy that over the past three years, the Democrats “have not done anything at all for the taxpayers that voted them into office.”

It seems that Slick Freddie is not embarrassed to, once again, showcase his ignorance of how “things get done” in the federal government. Essentially, all he has done is add six months to his claim from this past April. So, rather than start all over again to refute his baseless claim, I’ll just remind him of my reply to what he claimed those six long months ago:

In the April 17-18 edition of the L-V, Fred Shick asks, “What have these Far left morons done in 2½ years to help the American people”?

I’m very curious about the 2½ year period that he references. It can’t possibly be the most recent 2½ years, say, roughly November 2016 to April 2019, because for most of that period (January 2017 to January 2019) the Republicans held the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It has only been since January that the Democrats have held a majority in the House, and the Democrats held the Presidency for only about three weeks into January 2017.

I think, for anyone who has been paying attention, the conclusion would be that if things haven’t been done to help the American people, the problem would lie with the far right morons (you know, Trump, Mitch, Paul Ryan, Graham, etc.) and not the far-left morons.

So, Slick Freddy is playing games with the numbers and assigning blame to the wrong side. Well, it is confusing. Left, right — so many sides to blame. Well, two actually, but that seems too confusing for faulty thinking Freddy.


Falls Church, Va.

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