A front page article in the May 27 Pittsburgh Tribune Review was titled, “Women at the Core of Anti-Trump Movement.” This says it all. The No. 1 enemy of President Trump and his 63 million supporters are not all women, just feminists.

How big is this group? Demographics from the last Presidential election show 54 percent of women voted against Trump and for Hillary Clinton. Feminists are the largest group of godless liberals in America. They have taken control of the Democratic Party, most of the media, and government workers, including teachers.

What tactics are they using? Shanelle Haw in her letter of May 22 titled “First Lady Not Immune to Shameful Bullying,” correctly stated this mob unceasingly bullies, tears down, name calls, demeans, ridicules, accuses, and torments President Trump, his wife, family and supporters, citing two examples done by women. Feminists claim to be wonderful mothers dedicated to eliminating bullying among school kids. Yet, feminists engage in disgusting adult bullying for political reasons. What hypocrites!

Why are they doing this? They want to regain control of the federal government so they can ram their destructive socialist agenda down everyone’s throats. Feminists discovered under Obama, “How to get something for nothing: The federal cash cow.” This is called socialism or government freeloading. Under Obama, the national debt exploded from $10.6 trillion to $19.95 trillion in just eight short years, mostly for social programs. Liberals falsely call it entitlement. The burden to pay now falls on the backs of workers, producers and savers. Forty-eight percent of all Americans, including most feminists and illegal aliens, don’t pay any income tax.

Who is the biggest group of freeloaders? You guessed it: Feminists! Feminists claim they are social justice warriors. Social is for socialism. All socialistic nations throughout history have failed. Socialism leads to communism, oppression, loss of freedom and destruction. Feminists now are warriors for communism. They are ungodly because the Fourth Commandment of the Bible states, “Six days thou shall work,” as the method of entitlement.

Ungodly feminists are now America’s No. 1 enemy within.


Oil City

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