We have all heard the phrase: “lead, follow, or get out of the way!” That is exactly what President Trump should tell the leftist Democrats who continue to obstruct. The one elected person who is responsible for national security, is the President, not Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, both proving that common sense is not so common.

Egocentrics Pelosi and Schumer would much prefer to destroy this nation than lose the battle with Trump. The oath taken to uphold the U.S. Constitution means nothing to them; they are both guilty of treason, as well as being consummate liars. The verbal/linguistic gymnastics that Democrats are utilizing to try to justify their illogical opposition to a border wall is mind boggling.

Both Republicans and Democrats have known for three decades that a wall is sorely needed, but would not be constructed because they would have never appropriated and approved spending necessary funds. Regardless of which party stood at the podium, and proclaimed their support for a wall, they were hollow words, it was political positioning to gain votes and pacify their electorate.

The Democrats have the most to lose if Trump succeeds in building the border wall. The steady influx of illegals are potential up-and-coming Democrat voters — the current “socialism” posture that the 2020 Presidential hopefuls have adopted will need support for their “redistributionist” programs, illegals on public assistance will continue to fill this niche.

Democrats have placed themselves on the wrong side of the American Dream. Success, prosperity and respect are rewards in America, not taxpayer-financed government programs. The economy that Trump has established threatens what socialists had envisioned after two terms of Barack Obama, and they are adamant about returning to those policies. If you have blind loyalty to the Democratic Party, you may want to rethink that position if you sincerely care about the future of this nation.

Illegal immigration has changed the face of America forever, and not for the better. Democratic governors and mayors have unilaterally pronounced their states or cities as sanctuary safe-havens, which flies in the face of our laws and common sense. The “rule of law” must apply universally across the nation, not at the whim of activist politicians or judges. The asylum and immigration laws need drastic modification, and immigration should be halted temporarily.

Divide and conquer is a strategy that eventually wins over time, and that is why Democrats effectively continue to employ class warfare. The Democratic Party should burn to the ground, appoint new centrist leadership, and abandon the un-American radicalism.

Certainly promising the moon to the ill-informed will garner votes for the Democrats. However, if the wall on the southern border receives major funding, the economy continues growing as it has, and Donald Trump continues to fulfill the promises he made at the onset, Democrats may find their party in the ash heap of history once the 2020 election ballots are tallied.