I’ve lived the American Dream. I asked our single mom’s welfare caseworker to eliminate my share of the food stamps when I was a teenager. He would not. I was sad to see his obituary in the newspaper years later. He had said our single mom with four kids would starve without my share of food stamps.

I didn’t go to college because I would not ask for financial aid. Yet I married a union member with health care and higher wages, and was able to be a stay-at-home mom with two (we could stop with two children due to birth control, a huge deal as far as how many children we could afford and the care and attention they received) hardworking girls whose undergraduate studies, with scholarships, we could fund as union members. The girls took out loans for graduate school and are both well paid professionals now, helping children and paying back in taxes now far more than what our family needed in the 60s and 70s.

The GOP — Greedy Old Propagandists — are actively taking away all of that needed help that made the tax support for other Americans that the girls are paying right now possible. They are cutting public assistance, federal college grants and low cost loans, killing unions trying to make Pennsylvania a right-to-work-for-less state, limiting access to birth control, taking away Obamacare, and not reinstating the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The Trump budget gives a gigantic tax cut to the wealthy, while taking huge amounts from Medicaid hurting the sickest and poorest Americans. It weakens Medicare, with a plan to raid Social Security (don’t believe the propaganda that Social Security is in trouble. The wealthy don’t pay anything in after they earn $200,000 or so) as they raise the federal deficit by between one and two trillion dollars!

G.W. Bush’s tax cut for the rich got us that Great Recession that President Obama rescued America from. Fact. Kansas’ Greedy Old Propagandist tax cuts for the wealthy have cut that state’s budget to the bone and their kids and their future are suffering.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Simply caring for each other, as stated in Matthew 25:31-46, the Judgment of the Nations, is the American Dream. Don’t let the Greedy Old Propagandists take that away from you!



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