This is where we are eight months into the Trump presidency:

Nuclear war is a clear possibility.

Racist terrorists openly spout their hate and death since they seem to be Trump’s base.

Over 20 million Americans are still in danger of losing their insurance if Trump and the Greedy Old Propagandists get their way with their nearly trillion dollar Medicaid cut and the equal tax cut for the wealthy.

Net Neutrality will be a fond dream as Americans will pay more for the a la carte information they want you to see, not the buffet of information that we have now.

The Trump agenda will cut any benefits for Americans, especially the poor, children, seniors and veterans as they pour our tax dollars into the Pentagon and the militarization of our streets. Tolls and increased payments for everything from traveling our roads to privatization of our public schools, post office and everything else they can make a buck from will be common. Our public parks are up for sale to the fossil fuel corporations since they fund politicians. America’s environment is up for grabs as is every American’s health.

It’s all about the money. Greed is god in Trump’s America. Is this really what Trump voters wanted?



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