Let me preface this letter by saying that I don’t live in New Bethlehem Borough, but after living in Porter Township for 41 years, I make many, many trips into town.

The idea of making one-way streets in Newbie has once again raised its ugly head. I find that the intersections of Liberty and Penn streets, and Lafayette and Penn streets, are two of the most friendly intersections in town.

Gridlock? If more than one vehicle arrives at these two intersections, there is always someone that will “wave” the other vehicle on or back up a short distance so that another vehicle can make the turn. A quick nod of the head, a friendly wave or a mounted “Thank you” is exchanged as the vehicles pass one another.

Yes, the streets are narrow but traffic slows when meeting another vehicle and there is no problem with two vehicles passing. Make these streets one way and see how much faster vehicles travel because there isn’t the possibility of oncoming traffic.

New Bethlehem is not a major metropolis where traffic is a problem. People come and go all day long and unless there is a problem (water main break, fire, etc.), traffic gets around very well.

Borough council is considering one way streets. I read in the newspaper numerous times that council doesn’t have the funds for this project or that project, but now possibly it will spend the town taxpayers’ money for signage that will make it more difficult to get around town.

Gridlock? In my many trips to town, I have never seen angry motorists shaking their fists and blasting their horns because they had to wait 10 seconds or 20 seconds to clear the intersections.

I hope the council uses some sound judgement and common sense in this matter.


Porter Township

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