Well, it has been since Feb. 19, and I am still waiting on Sandy Mateer, president of our New Bethlehem Borough Council, to get back in touch with me. More important things must be going on, or she just does not want to do the right moral gesture and apologize for all the wrongdoing that town officials have done to me in past months and apparently numerous others.

We have people from Clarion now saying how they have been wronged. If people reading this are thinking that I am picking on Sandy Mateer, I will advise you again that in five months since my incident with the police, I was told five times that a meeting with the solicitor would have to go through Sandy Mateer. And she was also the one who sent me a degrading, intimidating letter just before the end of last year.

I know I have said before, but I am going to repeat it: the letter was representing the town council and not all the town council was aware of what it said. Is Sandy Mateer running everything that has to do with New Bethlehem?

The reason I was never charged with trespassing is that I was not trespassing. Sandy Mateer, as a retired lawyer, would know the criteria for trespassing, harassing and disorderly for that matter. Yet I was removed from the football practice, in front of a large group of young boys for lying in the grass because foolish police officers believed a lie from a woman. This deceitful information was intentional. Slander you might say, since it was definitely a lie. The police did not do their job properly and verify information (could have been done in a minute). Then the same woman and her husband and mother, Dixie Shirey, and manager of youth football league, Michael Rearick, intentionally (in my opinion, otherwise it was a mighty big coincidence) tried to provoke me five days later by yelling at me using vulgar language and then smiling at me.

In my opinion, they got their kicks out of spreading more hatred and then the police joined in with their false accusations. I can say that because they were not willing to take me in front of the magistrate or judge, once they filed the charges against me. That is where Sandy Mateer comes again. She did tell Officer Bowser to drop the charges for disorderly, after my name had been slandered by them. I did not realize that she also served as judge and jury. The officer had to swear in front of the magistrate about the facts. Maybe he did not wish to perjure himself under oath.

The town council is responsible for the police officer’s actions, and the worthless chief we had at the time, showed his unprofessionalism right in front of our mayor, Tim Murray, by he doing or saying nothing. Never have I observed such irresponsible and unprofessional individuals act so degrading and intimidating for actions that were definitely wrong on their part.

I asked for an apology the very next day and they refused. Sandy Mateer refused, because in her words, “if we admit fault, we will open ourselves up to more liability.” Our new town solicitor is doing a fine job, too, in my opinion, if he is “willing to agree to disagree.” As a lawyer the facts either fit the criteria for an offense or they do not. You do not make it up to suit your needs.

If you are too immature to admit fault and fix it, then maybe you are too immature to be running the town and making important decisions that affect people’s lives. I am not going anywhere and am still waiting for the wrong of the paid/elected officials to make it right.

To be continued...


New Bethlehem

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