I have always enjoyed reading letters to the editor from an early age, but today, the obituaries, recent deaths, anniversaries along with deed transactions and articles titled, “Nifty at 90,” are of more concern.

Susan Kerr, a freelance writer, Denny Bonavita, a former editor and publisher of The Leader-Vindicator, along with Joseph Max Lewis’s column of opinion and satire give me the support to enjoy my life in many ways.

Letters to the editor are interesting but I have many reasons to agree or disagree, which I learned in high school in Sligo, and grades 1-8 in Huey.

Tammy Kellogg’s letters to the editor, especially the last one on March 27-28, “Still no response from New Bethlehem,” are and have been part of my life for 44 years.

Yes, Tammy, those who are against you are hoping you just get tired, forget and walk away. Your rights were violated as well as mine. “Who cares?” As far as New Bethlehem Council President Sandy Mateer is involved, I am wondering what she said in a letter mailed to you at Christmastime.

Sandy Mateer is involved in many things which are taking place in New Bethlehem, but her actions — along with the Clarion County Planning Commission, county commissioners, Rep. Donna Oberlander, Congressmen Mike Kelly and Glenn Thompson ignoring my ownership of an estate for #33-010-222-00-00A that of Andrew and Anna Charney purchased March 3, 1945 — are to be deeply questioned.

Closing a dump for the Rails to Trails program for a rest area by our farm was a waste of time and money.

Since my rights and your rights are still hallowed rights in a democracy, I will continue to be heard. Please read all of my future letters, but perhaps I may end up in a nursing home.



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